P.C. Engine- from the innocent to the outrageous

P. C. Engine (Japanese Turbo Grafx) sure had a wide range of games- i mentioned that Download 2 earlier with the dismembered head of Hitler as the last boss- I really liked the Alice in Wonderland game which never came out here unfortunately- Alice yelled to attack enemies and it was a fun adventure game- On the other side of the spectrum was “War of the Dead” a game where a woman soldier with a high powered rife goes into a nuked destroyed city to fight crazed zombies and some of the most ugly mutations and monsters i have seen in a video game-honorable mention to Splatterhouse where the jason masked character goes around with a club bashing zombies. That game,War of the Dead" also never made it here for the Turbo grafx- Anyone else on this board play either of these games besides me? The Alice in Wonderland game is great - i wonder why no other system had a game on this popular character?

Having read the books a few times, I don’t think a videogame could quite do it justice. That, and I don’t think Alice is as popular with kids as she used to be.

I believe there was an AiW game for the NES, SNES, and Genesis. Also, I think Splatterhouse sucked. The control on that game is some of the worst thats ever been seen.