Here’s the dilly-o.

I was playing soccer against a particularly aggressive team (these guys were bigger than us by a few inches) and I was getting pissed. An aforementioned huge guy had just recieved the ball, and I slid into him, going for his ankles (i’m a mean little bastard, don’t try anything against me) and he boots the ball from about a foot into my face. My face instantly went numb, and it still is today. And that’s the story of how the hippopotamus loses it’s fur every June 18th.

Oh, and the ref calls the play right after because he thought he saw blood. The ref was a jerk.

Ow, indeed. That sucks, Baku… May you have better luck next time in making the giant fall.

How’s your face now?

that sucks…y’alright now?

It looks fine, but hurts like a bitch if I poke it.

poke poke poke haha sorry had to do it. But for real, I hope you feel better.

Oh good lord. IT’s not good being kicked in the face (effectively). OUCH OUCH OUCH.

Bakufan, I know how much that hurts, I really feel sorry for you. Have you tried ice? That helps a bit.

Hopefully you will learn to control your anger and not try to slide into someone’s ankles.

Next time go for the upper half of someone’s body. Although you were hit by the ball, it could have been his knee, which would be worse.

That sucks… I remember when I was sparring this one girl, she tried her best to noke me out of the ring but I was able to move to the side and she went out herself. But, then again, she took me down with her.^_^;;

It’s good to hear that your feeling just a little bit better. Heal up.:wink:

Luckily, the ball was soft. We complained about it during the halftime, but the coach wouldn’t change it.

Oh, and Kero, I only do things like that if provoked. I’ve kicked a kid while he was down.

Punch him instead.

You’ll be like this p:unch::

And he’ll be like this ::doh::

And he’ll be like this :thud:

And you’ll be like this :smiley:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Baku is a girl!!!

p:unch:: is a girl!

:smiley: is a girl!


ahem… anyways, sucks about the ball to the face. That’s why my lazy ass stays inside, far away from sports.:slight_smile:

Originally posted by Kero Hazel
Hopefully you will learn to control your anger and not try to slide into someone’s ankles.

completely agrees