Outta here.

That’s right. As of 12AM tommorow I’m catching a plane over to Portugal, for a 2 week holiday, which’ll mean, no Gilgamesh as of tommorow, instead I’ll be on a nice holiday.

When I get back I’ll create some ‘I’m back’ thread and get hated by everyone moreso. But until then… See you all later. :wave:

omg spam. omg.

Just kidding, have a nice time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun and try to catch soe exotic disease for me! Bonus points if you catch more than one :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a mouth infection last time I went. I blame the water.

Me traz um bom vinho do porto e eu te dou 100 euros.

E vê se aprende a falar Português! Aonde você vai o pessoal não gosta muito de inglês, eu acho.

Eu tenho parentes em Portugal. Se precisar de alguém pra fazer um tour pelos pontos mais interessantes ao invés de ficar só em Lisboa, é só falar, eles adoram botar o pé (ou melhor, o carro XD) na estrada.

A propósito, o Manus mora na cidade de… Pared… Pa… Ah, eu esqueci, mas se você encontrar o cara, diz pra ele que eu sou o maior fã que ele tem, e que eu sou não mando uma garrafa de cachaça pra ele porque eu não sei o endereço pro qual enviar.

And if you can read the text above, you are certified with Portuguese!

Hehe, I don’t speak a word of Portuguese, but I know Lisboa is Lisbon. If you’re asking if I’m going to Lisbun, then no, it’s Albufera (sp), 2 year ago, we went to Praia Da Rocha, and 3 years ago, we went to Praia Da Rocha which was my first time in Portugal.

I’m going away too! Maybe we’ll see each other! Though I doubt it since I’m not going to Portugal. Have fun.

I’m curious now. Just how did you manage to survive in a place where you can’t speak the local language?

I’ve had my share of being somewhere where I couldn’t talk to people, I feel I’m lucky that it didn’t last more than half an hour. But you are going for 2 weeks!

<img src=“http://hades.nulani.net/images/shogun.jpg”>

There, now that I’ve simultaneously spammed my favourite book, my favourite author, and my love of Japan, as well as a brilliant story about a stranger in a strange land, I’ll be going now.

You forgot the part where you completely suck, hades.

Gil: Have fun =D

Ok Hades, let’s test your knowledge of Japan.

Who was Japan’s greatest fighter pilot in World War II?

His name was Akimoto Watanabe! You don’t know about him of course, because he was an underground mercenary and everything, but he shot down 6000 planes in 8 minutes with nothing but one homing missile.

:hahaha; Wouldn’t that make him in a AA or SAM divsion.
Oh and the right answer was Hiroyoshi Nishizawa aka Devil of Rabaul or just Devil.

Did I say I knew a lot about Japan? Particularly in WWII? I’m a Samurai man. I said I love Japan, not know anything about it >>;

Now let’s test you! What does tomodachi mean? I’ll give you a hint, it’s something you’re NOT!!! OH!!

I see your point. And I’m not a friend. That hurts because if you were dead you would be one of my heroes. Since you’re not, you’re not. :hahaha;

Edit- Yes I have a skewed perception on who qualities as a hero to me. Plus I’m not al the way sure Tomodachi means friend. I read friend was tomo or yuki. Only because the General Tomoyuki Yamashita was not a friend you would want to make. Dachi not sure as well.

so long Gil. Hope you have a nice trip.

The guy is going to Portugal and you two hijack the thread and make it about Japan. Shame on you too.

Well then, let’s mix topics. There are a lot of japanese words which come from Portuguese ones (“shabon” and “ne”, to stay with just a couple of ones for now). Portugal was also the indirect responsible for the end of the samurais, when a portuguese ship wrecked in the coast of Japan and the survivors taught the japanese how to build firearms and make gunpowder. Neat, huh?

Samurai musketeers are still samurai. Samurai existed long after the Portuguese were involved with Japan.

Oooh, have fun! I’ve only been to Spain.

Have fun in Portugal, Gil, even if you are going a month too late ;-p