Outrageous eBay prices

I’ve been angry about the exorbitant prices charged on eBay for some time, but someone (in another thread) made me think about it all over again. Common SNES games like Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia are finally coming back down to reasonable (or even cheap) prices, but now the bizarre artificial eBay price-spike is hitting PlayStation games…

<A HREF=“http://cgi.ebay.com/Original-Silent-Hill-Playstation-Perfect-Condition-Rare_W0QQitemZ8280267466QQcategoryZ62053QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”>Silent Hill for $50?</A>
<A HREF=“http://cgi.ebay.com/Final-Fantasy-VII-7-Original-Playstation_W0QQitemZ8280313715QQcategoryZ62053QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”>Final Fantasy VII for $60?</A>
<A HREF=“http://cgi.ebay.com/Castlevania-Symphony-of-the-Night-PSOne-SEALED_W0QQitemZ8280979128QQcategoryZ62053QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”>Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for $35?</A>
<A HREF=“http://cgi.ebay.com/Valkyrie-Profile-PS1-PSX-PS2-RARE-MINT-CONDITION_W0QQitemZ8279802381QQcategoryZ62053QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”>Valkyrie Profile for over $100?</A>
<A HREF=“http://cgi.ebay.com/Tales-of-Destiny-2-PS1-RARE-GAME-MINT-CONDITION_W0QQitemZ8279808522QQcategoryZ62053QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”>Tales of Destiny II for $70?</A>

Has the whole world gone mad? I saw FFVIII going for over $30, but I couldn’t find one that actually had bids on them… do people not go to game stores? Do they not look at other online retailers? Do they not bother to ask the gaming community what a good price for these games are? At least Castlevania: SotN is coming down from its high in the $100 range, but there’s NO REASON for other Greatest Hits titles like FFVII or SH1 to be in the price range they’re at, especially considering how easy it is to find either of those games. Valkyrie Profile and Tales of Destiny II are a <I>little</I> more understandable, but still outrageous at the price they’re selling for. If you give me a week (sans work) and some time to harass game store associates, I could find you any of those games at half the cost that they’re going for on eBay.

For GH titles, I’d definitely ask for more money for a not-GH version of the game. I don’t see anything weird about that at all.

Alright, I’ll give you a week (sans work) to get me Valkyrie Profile for half that.

I’m serious, I’ll send money once you complete this task.

Those are fairly current prices anyways… wanna see real expensive games ? Check out these:

Complete DC Border Down LE with OST Case and Sega Direct Mousepad for 300$

Under Defeat DC Regular Edition for 125$

Blast Wind for Sega Saturn for 115$

Hyper Duel for Sega Saturn for 165$

This one is fairly obvious - Radiant Silvergun for Sega Saturn for 235$

Why? Just for collectibility?

You think that is bad, Mr Saturn. The game that your name is from, Earthbound, is going for a lot of money on ebay all of sudden.

Earthbound Auction - $41

And this is for without a box. A sealed copy of Earthbound goes more then 200 dollars. Oh and I saw Final Fantasy 7 at Disc Replay for the regular version…for 14. Why is it going for a lot of money on ebay now? Unless it the movie that making people be in the mood to play it.

I may be wrong, but wasn’t FFVII put on the “Greatest Hits” list and sell for only $20?

Maybe I was thinking of FFT though. I was pissed when that happened because it was becoming pretty rare and wanted to sell it for a pretty penny.

I’ve seen Earthbound selling for around $80 without a box. Good thing it’s one of the few SNES games I own.

At times I’ve thought about buying old SNES RPGs for nastalgia’s sake, but then realized I’d go broke. So I’m content with playing ROMS on a modded PS2…

They suffer from an inflated market caused not by rarity, but by perception. Just like the shmups that DG linked to, or NeoGeo AES carts, “classic” RPGs sell for a pretty penny because people THINK that they should. They’re quality games right? Why shouldn’t they cost a quality price?

Is Earthbound rare? Is FF7? Is DoDonPachi or KOF2000 for that matter? Hell, is Radiant Silvergun? No, not really. But they’re all games that suffer from the perception that they’re rare, or that they’re so good, that they should cost more than other games.

As a collector and ebay nut, some of these prices are nothing new to me. When I saw the SOTN I honestly thought that Sat was going on about how low they were. :-/ Might be just due to the fact that (whine alert) they can be even worse in europe.

Want high prices? Check out the ebay seller dojar. :slight_smile: Stuff that’s obscure to the verge of pointlessness, prices that are extortionate to the verge of penniless.

Oh my gosh, this sort of thing gets me so mad! I despise paying more than GH price for a GH game - I had to do it via Buy It Now for SotN, but at least it was new. Unfortunately, it was the lowest price for the condition at the time, and all of the bidding auction prices were becoming ridiculously inflated.

Sat, the thing that chaps my hide the most is when the inflated price extends even to the games that are not in the best shape; for example, Valkyrie Profile with no case or instructions and scratched discs still going for over $100. Why do people allow themselves to buy crappy things?

Still, I crack up every time I see some crazy person buy FF7 for an exorbitant price.

Seriously, most EBs and some Gamestops in my area still have new copies of FFVII for $14.99…

And, Epic, I sent you a pm. Already found it. Let me know so I can have that store hold it for me.

I 100% agree with you, and it always makes me angry. If these games are common enough to be on eBay at any given time, they’re clearly not rare enough to be worth the prices that people charge for them. I didn’t mention the import/niche market games that DG brought up simply because those are going to cost more due to a small market for them.

It has been noted and dealt with accordingly good sir.

Maybe these people are just seeing how high they can mark up the price based on ignorance of Ebayphiles concerning how the prices of these games <i>should</i> be. After all, the sellers don’t lose anything from it.

I think paid about $30 for an EB cart alone. That’s probably the high end of fair, lesser end of reality. Probably like $50 for a SoM cart, though I do think that’s high (but when a local “collectables” store wanted $100 for a boxed copy… was afraid to ask about the boxed Dragon Warrior 4 next to it. But so are all the Square SNES games (probably because the original MSRPs were OVER $60. Weren’t FF6 and CT originally $80? The parents wouldn’t buy any game at that price, so I had to wait to get a used FF6.)
$35 for a GH SotN? I’ll enjoy my used but complete, like $12 copy. :smiley:
I could see some rarity in the NeoGeo. People paid $200 MSRP for a single game?

I do love how the BoF1 SNES player’s guide goes for $70 when I’ve seen it, and I only payed $1 for the thing way back when it was FuncoLand, and they sold used guidebooks.

Although I hear GameStop’s getting rid of PS1 games. So, I guess I should grab as I can while they’re like $3 apiece.

Paying the big bucks for a sealed classic is understandable but but for a damaged copy. Maybe people are buying them playing and reselling them for a profitt. Never under estimmate human stupidity