It pretty much says that the documents declassified so far have shown the intelligence to be misleading.

Well let’s go protest!

This is beating on a dead horse. We all knew that intelligence was not intelligent at all and that those WMD’s never existed. Someone shoot Bush in the chest already instead of wasting so much time going for documents.

Don’t… Don’t ever speak again.

You would rather have Cheney as President? He’s worse than Bush!

Also, the different between now and then is that it was speculation before. It wasn’t fact.

Hasn’t Cheney’s aide been indicted? If so, the resulting trial could reveal a great many secrets and other lies.

No. No one ever accepted those proofs of WMD existence as true. They were jsut words written on a paper, some even copypasted from the work of a college student. Those who went to war knew those proofs were fake. A legitimate proof of Saddam having WMD’s would be surfacing one such weapon, which never actually happened.

No. A lot of people believed it in the US. Trust me.

Y’know, this reminds me of something I saw on the news a couple months back. A college student at uhm…University of Louisville here in KY made a post on the college’s forum and the feds came and got him. I’ll find the story later on when I get the chance.

You all know what this means though, don’t you? The government IS lying about aliens!!!1111shift+1

125 million republicans at a worst case scenario against aproximately 5.8 billion people in throughout the whole world. And then, the ones who lead the war knew what they were doing.

In my first days at RPGC I posted a pic I made by getting a screenshot of Bomberman and his black friend flying in their plane and putting Bush and Blair’s faces over the bombers’ ones. I called that “The Bomberbush”. Back then I was afraid of something like that, but then I remembered, I’m half a world away from US.

If anyone still got that pic, please send it to me someway. I don’t have it anymore.

And that’s why you shouldn’t leave your home without a hat that has tinfoil in the inside.

On another topic, but still related:

Everyday. I don’t know about you there, but here, every single day there are news about terrorist bombings in Iraq. It’s been so for months. They are not repeating old news, for TV is always showing new afterbombing video footages everyday.

You’re wrong, but even if you were right, there is no other real accepted reason. Besides, it was more than just WMDs that was given as a reason. Also, you aren’t one to talk about going to war in Iraq. Hell, if you evenr ead the article, you would see that the disputed point is the alleged connections with Al-Qaeda.

BUSH has alleged ties with Bin Laden and nobody started a war against him =p

No ties were alleged with Bin Laden, the ties with him to 9/11 (and many other terrorist acts) were tied to him. We found that he was responsible for 9/11 and worked diplomatically for a month and then went to war in Afgahnistan. Hell, he even claimed responsibility for all the attacks. We still have a world-wide man hunt for Bin Laden with a huge reward for him.

I meant so in that Bin Laden received $$$ from Bush’s dad to train his men decades ago and now they’re using that training for terror. Also, after the planes hit WTC, Bush let some members of the Laden family escape from US.

That was during the Cold war when we weren’t enemies and when we used them to help fight the Russians. I know this is hard to believe, but the world changes. Hell, a couple of decades ago we were fighting Germany, but now we are trying to get their help in Iraq, times change. As for the family members, they were cleared and investigated. Also, just because there is one member in a family that does bad things, doesn’t mean that the whole family is bad. Besides many of his family members don’t have a lot of contact with him. They also had some good reasons to leave. There was, and there still is, a lot of anger towards middle eastern people.

Sorc, yeah, the guy was recently indicted, along with several other people close to the administration, so more information will come out.

Are you surprised?