Ouch, we got fucked.


Man we got screwed on college. High tuition and high requirements to go to college now. That sucks. To be turned down with thsoe sort of scores and grades is pretty sad. Then the tuition is another problem. That is getting pretty high. You alreayd hear of struggling starving college students, that is just wrenching poor college students even more. If this keeps up, I’m gonna have to pray for another activation just to get enough to pay for school.

As if it wasn’t a hundred thousand times too expensive already.


More bad news for people trying to transfer. Shit, I’ll never get to a university.

100% tutition for being army reservist. Pwn

Fuck! Man, the Marine Corps doesn’t pay shit of my tuition. They pay 100% for active duty, but going to school on active duty is tough, especially if youa re something liek a grunt who is out in the field most of the month. The only way i can get the Marine Corps to pay my tuition is if I get on a officer training program (which intend to do). Tha Marine Corps is so poor.

What can I say? U.S. Government loves it’s non frontline soldiers.

Or its Vietnamese girls, SD.

What I meant to say was that for a government that racks up tens of billions of dollars annually, one dollar for an education is one dollar too much. No one wants to pay to hear a self-proclaimed intellectual spew forth uninsightful crap you can find at a library for free.

Sadly, you can’t get that 0.1 million dollar piece of paper if you don’t work in a university setting. This system is making a lot of people extremely rich, and that’s why they haven’t abolished it yet even though it’s conspicuously flawed in almost every way imaginable.

Edit: Shit, I feel like an idiot for having to state something so blatant that everyone already knew.

I hate you.

Why am I not impressed by the girl they used as an example? Then again, considering what my peers are in my classes, that actually might not be so bad. But considering her activities and that she wants to go to UCSB shudder. But then again she’d fit right in. I’m surprised she didn’t get into Riverside. Everyone gets into Riverside cuz no one wants to go there :P. It’ll be the same with Merced when it opens.

Oh and extra-curriculars don’t really matter all that much because it just so happens that no one ever double checks to see who did what. Its not efficient or reasonable. Its a pretty disturbing and sometimes random process who gets in. What they should be talking about in conjunction with this girl’s rejection is how other people who shouldn’t have gotten into say, Berkeley, actually did get in (with below 1000 SATs if you wanna talk about those).

And you’d be surprised by how little the state actually contributes to the UC system. The state doesn’t really fund the UC’s (in terms of proportions of contributions). They contribute in part, but not that much. What’s happening is now they’re contributing even less so the UCs have to respond. Almost all if not all departments are in the red, and if they’re not yet, they will be next year.

That’s tough, but is there some reason why these kids are set on going to school in California? There are a lot of decent schools across the country that will take people with 3.7’s and 1100’s.


Now this is just a wild guess, but maybe because they live and grew up in California. It may eb expensive in California, but it always costs more to go out of state. The costs increases tremendously since taxes aren’t covering it. It might cost say a resident $2000 to go to a school per semester, but it’ll cost a non-resident like $9000-$10000 a semester to go to that same school. Plus, if you have friends and a job and family and such in the state, it can be hard to leave them all sometimes.

Info: Not to mention the cost and stress of finding a place to live in the new state (on dorm or off, it’s gonna hit your wallet again).

Also, yeah… I’d rather be poor in California than well off in Oklahoma.

Yes, I forgot about that. That does add quite a hurt to the wallet.

Kids with 3.7’s and 1100’s aren’t getting into UC and CSU, but don’t want to go to community college - reasonable enough. They’re in the same situation as all the kids in states <i>without</i> good public universities - except that, unlike those kids, these Californians had a chance at getting a good and inexpensive education in-state. It’s too bad that the state universities had to raise their standards, but there are plenty of ways to deal with it. Take the SAT over (the 3.7 wouldn’t be a problem). Apply at out-of-state universities and try for scholarships. A 3.7 GPA is enough for a scholarship at plenty of decent schools. It’s really not that bad being out-of-state.


It’s bad if you’re broke and thus can’t pay to live somewhere else, and don’t have time for a job.

The problem with out-of-state schools is, they don’t like to take students from out of their own state. It creates undue stress on both the students and the college.

That, and most people can’t goddamn afford it, and with the way things are going, it’ll take a shitload of scholarships, financial aid, and seven or eight jobs just to afford one semester at any school.

Yay for oversized debts <.< I’ll get to mine soon shudders

That isn’t reasonable. A 3.7 is pretty hard to get. The SAT score could be better, but it is just a test. From what I’ve seen, most people look at the GPA rather than the score. Besides, community colleges ae packed as it is. Out of state is expensive. Besides, one of the purposes of CSUs and UCs is to be there for local students.