Ou es tu francais?

My dad said I can go to a French speaking place for a month over the summer to improve my French! But I don’t know where to go. France would be the obvious choice, but then he told me to also consider Switzerland and parts of Canada. Where do you all think would be nice to go?

The obvious choice is the ivory coast. I mean, come on…DUH.

Quebec: Bonjour, ca va? Qu’est-ce que tu veux? Would you like fries with that?

France: Bonjour, ca va? Qu’est-ce que tu veux? Bwa ha ha ha! Regardez le gros Americain!

Switzerland: Bonjour, ca va? Qu’est-ce que tu veux? WIR SPRECHEN AUCH DEUTSCHES HIER!!!

Having been to all three, I think the French Riviera is probably the coolest place to spend a month in France. You are also only three hours by train from Paris or Geneve.

Hey, what a coincidence, I’m going to France this summer too.

I’d say go for a European place, most likely France. I’d imagine Quebec is nice and has a lot of culture, but you’re still in North America… where’s the escape in that?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quebec is more like

Bonjour, ca va? Qu’est-ce que tu veux, hein? Bain, mon nom est Gaspard Jean-Luc St. Marie, ch’suis Catholique, et j’ai dix-huit enfants.

Je me souviens


Eden99 :Yes je me souviens stands for ‘I remember’ in the sense that we’re suppose to remember the rebellions against England of the patriots in 1837-38 I think.

Defectivesonydvd : No kiddin’ if your in NA (north-america) or in the USA go to Quebec, its not because we speak in joual thats its not necessarely good french. Je sais que sa peux paraitre vulgaire mais me semble que c’est pas si pire que sa.

BUT if your in Europe I suppose go to France I guess.

Cless : This is not true at all. We used to have alot of families with many childrens, but again I’ve never heard anyone having that much(18 is crazy, 11 is the top I’v eheard about), and btw the baby-boom era is definetely over. And if it was sarcasm…arghh never-mind.

I’ve never been outside of Northern California, so even going to Nevada would be an escape, although I don’t think they speak French there.

I want to go to some place in France, but my dad said French people are racist and there’ll be lots of non-French speaking tourists there during August. D: I don’t know if that’s true, but you all seem to know a lot about that, so is it true?

Thank you for ruining my joke. =)
I am sure no one knew that, especially not me, because that’s why I posted it. =)

Oh, and it is referring to Battle of the Plains of Abraham, which happened on September 13, 1759; or, at least that is what is commonly believed but I am sure you are an expert on this subject, along with every other subject, since you can’t help but post redundant and useless ‘information’.

Go to France, it’s the obvious choice for a reason.


If you go to France, keep in mind that “Paris, c’est la France”. The rest of France is pretty boring except for several other big cities like Marseilles or Lyon.
French-speaking Switzerland is way too expensive, and Switzerland in general is boring.
Canada has already been mentioned, but another good choice could be French-speaking Belgium, most notably the European capital Brussels.

Are you Black or Mexican or something? Or Arabic? Because if either of the first is two, Americans are more racist than French people. In the latter case…well that’s a thorny issue. But I believe what your dad probably means is that the French are nationalistic, in the sense they don’t like people from other countries, but that’s idiotic because why would Paris be like the world’s largest tourist destination? Some people report being treated badly in France, but then some people go to France expecting to be treated badly so they act like gigantic assholes. And when you act like a gigantic asshole in another person’s country you deserve to be treated badly. Why would your dad tell you to go to a French speaking country to learn French and then tell you that French people suck? No offense but your dad sounds kind of like an idiot.

And don’t go to Brussels it’s a big shithole.

You’re dad’s an idiot! >:O Anyway, I asked to go to a French speaking place and he just said to consider the options. I’m Indian, but I guess I could pass for Arabic, so yeah. D:

Well, France is the best place to go if you want to really improve your true, by-the-book French, I believe.
Many other semi-french-speaking countries, such as Switzerland, are too multi-lingual to really be a learning experience for a single language. Quebec has such a funny accent associated with it, it may mess up your traditional french as much as it helps.
Martinique and other such places technically speak a French Creole with words of other languages mixed in. They’re like a worse version of Quebec’s problem.

Well, if it was me, I’d just go to France.



No, you fools don’t have it right. Quebec is:

Quebec: Bonjour, comment ça vas–hein? Qwa? Osti’s d’anglais a marde, apprend donc notre tabarnaque de langage! --J’MEN CRISS T’EST UN TOURISTE, S’TI!..

There you have it.

You forgot to say “bain” a lot :frowning:

Its ‘ben’ not ‘bain’ the later stands for bath.

So France I’m guessing is the best choice. But I’m still not sure where in France would be the best to go. D: I was thinking Montpellier, Paris, Nice, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, etc…which would be the best place to go for a first timer?