other rom hack

I haven’t played that something awful ff6(ff3us) rom, but I have been to the webpage. I did find another hacked FF3us rom which is really quite funny and much more challenging than the original FF3us. I got it at www.geocities.com/machikel/FF3.zip. If it doesn’t work, keep trying as yahoo has strange problems sometimes. p:unch::

Yes it does, but I think I should tell you this before staff does.

If you want to spread the word about that, please do it in a PM or E-mail.

BD, I am no admin, and I do get what you are saying, but thats more like a show and tell. Hes really not requesting, hes more commenting on a good thing.

It’s just some random (probably god-awful) FF6 hack, and he’s not requesting anything. Don’t be a vigilante.

Dear God BD’s CONSUMED WITH POWER. Well maybe not. I will try this though, perhaps in 50 years when the site gets back up…

If you want a really good FF6 hack, try FF3: The Eternal Crystals. This hack disallows all but Terra, Strago, Celes and Relm from using magic, and replaces the “magic” commands for all the other characters to various abilities (Cyan gets Shock, Edgar gets Jump, Setzer gets both Slot and GP Rain at the same time). The story and some of the graphics have been changed to give the game a more “FF4” feel, and though I haven’t made it to the end, I’ve heard that the final boss is completely different.