Osama or G.W.Bush?

Who do you hate the most? Bush or Osama
Be how free as you want.

Bush he always interrupts the price is right to talk about something.

They’re the same person! Isn’t it obvious? George W. Bush posed as Osama Bin Laden and planned the 9/11 attack so that he could declare war in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and France.

You mastered the polls in a matter of days, amazing.

How does bush plan to fight Terrorism? Its a word describing a style of warfare…

Will he move on to Geurrilla warfare next?

i’m such a peacefull person i couldn’t hate anyone.

besides, don’t you think bush resembles pinky? (you know that insane white mouse of this weird cartoon)

That’s actually an alarming similarity.

Powell: Mr. President, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Bush: Yes Mr. Powell, but Michael Jackson and Orphan Annie? What would the children look like?