Osama Bin Laden is dead


Oh good, now nothing will change

What are you talking about? Now we no longer have to take our shoes off in airports.

He’s basically been dead for a while now. Did terrorists kill him?


congrats and all.

now… when will you start hunting his successor, before they retaliate? and his successor’s sucessor? and his sucessor’s sucessor’s replacement’s substitute’?

Ding dong the figurehead witch in a large organization of witches is dead. Now they got a martyr.

Oh hey. They finally got him. And before a whole decade passed too.

Whoop, I won a bet.

Who knows if they actually got him at all anyway? I mean within 24 hours of killing him they disposed of his body in the ocean! and they showed us 1 photo of his face (while dead… then at the end of the news bulletin they said that image could be a fake?) LOL!!! This whole situation is just a big joke to me! Whether his dead or just relaxing on some cruise on the other side o the world! One things for sure… the rest of the world won’t be kicking back and relaxing! This simply doesn’t change anything in the long run… it’s just a temporary sigh of relief!

the osama- iphone- conspiracy.

helios: we’ll find out soon enough if it was really him. if it wasn’t, he’ll make a video appearance pointing and laughing at the US. If it was, the rest of Al Qaida will, rambling on about him being a hero and a martyr and revenge and how no american skyscraper will ever be safe from now on, and about nourishing the soil with the blood of yadda yadda yadda yadda. same crap, different day.

Also, they’re doing DNA testing.

May 1st, 1945: Hitler was announced dead.

Apparently before an election, on the anniversary of Hitler’s demise. We’ll probably go after North Korea next, for pirating all those DVDs. Because we take [strike]political dickwaving[/strike] copyrights seriously.

Actually it’s arguable they will change for the worse - since his most likely replacement is supposedly even worse. But yes, the man was already dead as a threat, so him actually being dead isn’t likely to make much of a difference. Though, good for morale, I suppose.



No supposing about it. The man has weighed on the American psyche for about ten years now. No matter what the longterm impacts are, the cathartic release related to his death (and let’s face it, despite all those people quoting Twain’s obituary quote, people were cheering his actual death not just the news of it; I know I was happy to hear him dead) was needed. That sense of finally getting him after ten years (or 13 or 18) was very much needed.

Osama Bin Laden outlived America. Is that really cause for celebration?

This is a serious question and not trying to antagonize: what does this accomplish?

No fucking clue. But people are celebrating anyway. I took the bus to class today and the sign ticker on the front and side of the bus had “GOD BLESS AMERICA” scrolling on them. I’ve never felt the urge to punch a bus before.

Most visibly? Cathartic release; sense of bringing the man who okayed September 11 to justice. In that sense, he was our Eichman, and May 1 was our 1962.

Longterm? We’ll see. Probably not the immediate collapse of Al Qaeda. Hopefully it has a negative effect on the organization. We’ll see though.