Organ donor tatoo

These last few days I’ve seen some campaigns asking people to become organ donors. We had a law that made everybody an automatic organ donor in case they died in an accident, but for some reason it was brought down a few years ago. Now, if you suffer some accident and get your brain blown out, doctors need authorization from your family to harvest your organs. So while a few dozen thousands of people in my country are waiting for a kidney or a piece of liver so they can have a normal life, a lot of flesh goes to waste because people die and their families can’t be found fast enough, or give the authorize the organ donation fast enough.

I can kinda understand why the law was brought down - a couple urban legends about people being murdered for their kidneys can get so many people paranoid here.

Anyway, this got me thinking, I could get around the law and quicken the process should something happen to me. So I thought about getting a tatoo saying I’m an organ donor, along with my blood type. I just want an opinion on what the best place for such a tatoo would be. Biceps? Forearm? Clavicle? I want it to be easily seen if the need ever comes, but I also want it to be discreet so as not to call a lot of attention while I’m still alive and kicking.

Why not just have a card in you wallet saying that your an organ donor? That way if worst were to come to pass, when someone checks you for id, they’ll see that your an organ donor too!

Getting a tattoo in my opinion, is unnecessary and difficult to keep discreet for the reasons you mentioned.

Helios: I guess the point was that even if they only have the body, no wallet, no clothes, no nothing, they can still see “oh, this guy is an organ donor with blood type so-and-so”.

Whether or not a tattoo will be accepted as proof that you’re an organ donor is debatable, but… Well, it’s a nice gesture at least.
As for location, I think somewhere on the arm, probably biceps, could work. It’s not a location that really draws attention to itself because that is the “socially accepted” location for tattoos so it won’t draw attention to itself just by being there. Although no matter where you put it you will probably get tired of people asking you about it whenever they see it, anyway.

Here in Nebraska apparently diabetes tattoos are getting popular. At least a juggalo that was in my mod had one he was a punk. Stinky fucker too

Your left butt cheek. You can potentially lose an arm or your head or even the leg. But if you’re losing your butt, ain’t no way your body would have been fit post mortem for organ donation.

Chickass negrofsky

Or you could get one of these for way cheaper…they’re kinda cool looking, too.

This is not a good idea.

Tattoos are not legal documents. Current the US is in an opt-in program (instead of the opt-in program used by European nations) and this is exactly what an organ donor card is for already, without the need for the transplant team to wonder if they’re going to transplant hepatitis C along with the liver.