I heard that smoking oregano makes you high and horny. I had no further elaboration on the topic and I have no interest on smoking anything, but curiosity tells me to go and ask for more info on this. I’m searching on google and getting very little info. Does anybody know better about it?

I doubt it, eating it dosen’t do anything but accent taste, why would smoking it do anything different.

Ya know, I once saw this episode of Grounded for Life where the daugher smoked oregano cuz she thought it was pot…

I’ve never heard of oregano doing anything when you smoke it, but I DO know that dried oregano looks a LOT like weed.

There’s a difference between eating and smoking.

If what I heard is true, and it looks like it is according to all I’ve seen on google up to now, then we’ve discovered a new cheap, legal and quickly available drug.

I know oregano sucks on subbery sandwiches.

Well, ok.

Smoking oregano does nothing at all. It’s just an herb. The active ingredient of pot, THC (tetrahydracannibonal) isn’t found in oregano, therfore, if you smoked it, you wouldn’t get a marijuana high, infact, I would think you’d get kinda sick. If you’re interested in house hold highs, I’d suggest (and reccomend) nutmeg - when snorted, it’s a hallucenagin.

Let me also say that dried oregano looks like shitty weed. Good weed has red hairs in it, oregano does not. People that buy weed that looks like this have no clue what they’re doing.

Try huffing paint thinner, its great. ANd i’m totally going to try that nutmeg thing.

Don’t huff paint thinner, that’ll make you pretty sick. Not worth the high.

No dude, do it!

Originally posted by Sorcerer
If you’re interested in house hold highs, I’d suggest (and reccomend) nutmeg - when snorted, it’s a hallucenagin.

Holy shit do you know how stupid that is?? Seriously nutmeg is FUCKED up. I haven’t done it yet, and I don’t think I will , because from what I hear it isn’t a pleasurable experience. First of all you don’t snort it, that’s just ridiculous. I heard you take a few teaspoons of the powder, or maybe even make a tea out of it. Second, the high itself is horrible. You get really bad vision, sore throat, and you feel really tired, and everything is apparently more dreamy too. That may not sound that bad, but this can last for about 3 days.
Also nutmeg can make you sick, and in high amounts it’s toxic. Nutmeg… tsk tsk :noway:

If you honestly want a high, just smoke some pot, or eat some mushrooms… those are safe, however illegal (mushrooms are only illegal if they contain psilocybin and are prepared for consumption ie drying), so I don’t exactly recommend you should be doing them.

I did half a teaspoon to a full one, and while I did expierence those side effects, it was overall sorta like ecstacy super lite. As far as house hold highs go, its probably the best one.

Other legal highs include yellow jackets, which you can buy at gas stations. Take a few, and their like diet pills or something. Personally, they did nothing for me at all, but I’ve heard some people get something of a high off of them.

Flu medicine (some kind of teaish thing…) will make you high if you don’t eat anything. >_> Too bad no one told me. =P

Dont know till you try it Gila.

We once filled a small bag with oregano and gave it to a friend and told her it was pot. She smoked it and seemed fine, so i guess it doesnt get you high.

heh, i wish she wouldve got horny though…

Isn’t Oregano used as a cooking spice? Then why would it make you have the high feeling?

Or, you know, instead of smoking/snorting every spice you can find in an effort to find a cheap drug, you could just spend a little time trying to figure out what the hell’s so wrong with your life that you’re willing to resort to nutmeg. God, even saying it sounds cheesy.

<small><i>Edit: Whoops, I went moralizing again</i></small>

In any case, I don’t remember the name of it, but a couple weeks back I saw a report on some kind of new-age/alternative health herb that was completely unregulated but had some pretty powerful drug properties. This topic makes me think of that, and now it bugs me that I don’t remember the name of the leaf in question…

You know, if it wasn’t disgusting, I would lick toad backs =p

Where the hell did this thread come from?! Just think about it… Ren: “Hey dude, will I get high if I smoke oregano??” Sorcerer: “No way man, but you’ll get high if you smoke this.”

If you take the conversation in a certain context it seems really funny. I can imagine a couple of 12-year old kids not old enough to get booze or pot talking about shit like this :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t get pot at any age. :stuck_out_tongue: