Orakio's Website?

A few of us in the chat room were wondering about Orakio’s RPGC competition. Maybe some of you are unaware, but when Orakio left he said he was going to make a website better than RPGC.

Which is fine, I guess, I was just curious of where it is, and what it looks like. If anybody has a url, feel free to post it.

He said that? what a douchebag.

Why does it matter?

It doesn’t. But then again, why do women giving themselves C sections matter? Or Xenogears, or Xenosaga, or whatever the hell else it is we talk about around here?

Yeah, I myself am quite curious now that Sorc mentions it. I quit jabbering something about trying to make a website, but I’m poor and couldn’t afford a server :stuck_out_tongue:

sniff cracka? cracka? sniff sniff cracka?

You know, this can only head in one direction.

Not if we’re matu…oh wait yeah.

It can lead any direction, but so can any thread.

Besides, it’s usually me that flames him, and he isn’t here to flame. Its not I talk vicious about him behind his back, I usually save that for when he’s here to see what I have to say.

And what is outside the realm of RPGC is outside the realm of RPGC. What I do away from this website is of no concern to the administrative staff here (just in case that’s what you were referring too).

The last time this was brought up, I believe Orakio himself came back and said he wasn’t gonna do that.

Oh. When was that? I don’t remember it :\

So… what exactly did Orak do to get on everyones shit list?

I know that this has been explained to you once, or twice, before.

Yes, but from what I remember you told me to find a topic that got deleted so I never really found out.
Or I could have just forgot.

I’ll pm it to you. Explaining it in public has repercussions.

From what i know its said he was gonna die from some tumor, and then the big thing the year or two ago, he supposedly has his cousin or uncle talk on here explain to us that he died or close to it, or was hospitalized for maybe a week. And of course he isn’t dead, and i heard he did this sort of thing before. Yes i’m aware my facts arent straight, just hoping to jog Gizamalukes memory.

Ah, I see.
Sorry, I took a break from RPGC around the time the Orak incident happened so I was a bit clueless at what happened.

Giza wasn’t here for it, so he has no memory to be jogged. If you really want to know, I’m sure Gizamaluke can forward my PM’s to you.

Hey, giza, I sent you a continuing PM. I wasn’t sure what the limit was, so I wrote two. Check the other one.

Now I understand.

And I forwarded (is that the word?) them to GunSmoke.

Thanks, sorry for skewing the story, wish i had the right facts in my previous post, i apologize. Well i didnt remember or was aware that Gizamaluke was gone during that time.