Orakio's avatar

Now, I know this could be done in a PM, but this is far, far too funny to keep between myself and Orakio.

Orakio, your avatar seems to have a bit of a problem with his zipper - if you look (and even just at glance, that’s how I saw it), it looks like your avatar’s penis is praising god.

Just thought I’d let you know, because personally, I think it’s fucking funny.


I guess he is going to have to get a new one, then…


…am I the only one who sees Orak wearing a suit of armour instead of a penis?

I think that codpiece is showing a bit too much cod. Now excuse me, I’ll be running away becasue of the horrible pun.

i just see armor…

I dont see how you can’t see it, I wasn’t even looking at what he was saying, and was cruising down and BAM - boner.

you mean that blue part? if so… that’s so frickin’ small!!!

LMAO! Sorc, thats fuckin funny, dude.

He means the gold part. It almost blends in with his skin. Almost. It’s easily erectified though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by drkknight
you mean that blue part? if so… that’s so frickin’ small!!!

lol! I’m sure he’s going to be happy to know you think he has a small penis.

oh well… no matter! I can just make fun of his “size” if he says something…

Umm, that? I think that’s his wristband.

A wrist band isn’t connected to your crotch.

Not my fault Orak has his wrist at crotch level at an angle making it appear to be a phallus. Not my fault his avatar’s too goddamn pixelly to decipher. Not my fault he’s copying my blue/gold look. WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYTHING MY GOD DAMN FUCKING FAULT?!?!?! Ahem. Thank you.

I didn’t even think of <I>that</I> when I saw it. The thought that ran through my head was, “Oh, cool wings.”

And now I’m going to have nightmares.


heh, I just noticed it. Funny stuff.:o

Considering this was a thread made by Sorc about Orakio, methinks this is just more inmature Orak-bashing.

Jeez guys, it’s a harp =P

A very phallic looking harp, but a harp none the less.