Opinions, people....

Yeah… I’m drunk at the time of this writing (Sin, yes, I feel awful <.< >.>)… Anyways… what do you people think of me… being the resident Square ST fanatic ? <.< >.>

You’re a stupid jackass… umm, no. I mean ASSHOLE!!! :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

Seriously, you’re okay dude ^^

You’re drunk like, 91% of the time, so I think you rule.

I think you’re drunk!

You’re a really nice guy DG. A shame you’re drunk, but oh well ^_^. We’ve always had no trouble getting along.

The last time I saw a guy more wasted than you, I was handing out Southern Comfort at an AA meeting.

And I wish you’d stop singing the praises of Jeremy Soule. Can you say “Mediocre”?!

I told you once, I’ll tell you again, you aren’t wasted if you can still type.

Meh. I’ve yet to have any problems with you, so you’re pretty cool.

Stop being drunk and start sending me that package/flying pagoda already!

And I have to say that you are a dragon.

Drink one for me!

gave up alchahol over a year ago, now

You’re a good person, DG. I admire your extensive soundtrack collection as well. :slight_smile:

We all love you Drunken God. You just need to cut down a little on the soundtracks, and just maybe the alcohol.

As far as I know you haven’t done anything bad: So I’m going to group you as ‘nice guy’.

You’re a pretty awesome guy. And you give me music. So you’re doubly awesome.


<center><img src=“http://www.blackdragonvideo.com/images/drunken_master.jpg”></center>

You give me free stuff, and make drunken passes at me at times. You’re da best! :slight_smile:

I kind of stopped liking you once you changed you avatar.

I think you are someone who deserves to not get my opinion on them (since I don’t know you that well)

It’s pretty obvious that DG rules. :slight_smile:

DG’s not drunk enough to forget I’d give him shit about drinking. Wtf man 8P?

I think you’re nice, quite often too nice to people. That’s a good thing and a bad thing as it can lead to people taking advantage of you. You also occasionally get your head in the clouds and try to plan things out slightly unrealistically and don’t think of all the details or possibilities of what you get into. So you’re slightly naive, but in a good way because you’re also pretty dedicated and loyal and you have a good heart. You mean well in what you do and you work hard at it when it really counts, which matters a lot.

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I think you’re drunk!