opinions on the final fantasy series

Heh, I felt that way for the 4-5 months that I had/have been playing FFXI… Now, I dunno… I dont care about it as much as I used to.

FFXI nearly REQUIRES you to get into a party for good exp after level 10-13 and after 20 you’ll not be able to progress efficiently without good PT members. However, there are alot of idiots who play. Because of this you’ll find your team the subject of Warriors who dont provoke, Black Mages who spam magic, Thieves who Sneak Attack at the begining of a fight EVEN BEFORE THE PROVOKE (wow, some people just want to die) and getting overly frustrated.

So all in all, I’ve switched over to City of Heroes, you can solo that game, you can party, best of all, you dont look like everyone else. Story isnt as good as FFXI, but seriously, how many people REALLY play a MMORPG for its story???


Hey, I think we’re all a bit old. I mean, video games were invented only like 16 years ago, and some of the new ones are almost to the point where the people look lifelike, the sounds sound real, and the storylines could be reality (well, if there were monsters and magic and stuff in the real world) Once all this stuff eventually gets pefected, what’s gonna happen next? I’m not saying that video games are gonna die, but… that’s gonna be like it’s max age, you know? It’ll never get better than perfect. And that time doesn’t seem that far away. So in video game years… yeah, we’re all old geezers.

Games will get better looking, sounding, and storywise will probably eventually copy somthing else big time rather than be original… But the one thing that WILL improove and really needs to in current games… is the gameplay it self. As pretty as a game is, if its not fun, not many people will give a rats ass.

So my hope for the next gen of games/rpgs/whichever is that the gameplay take a huge leap instead of what pushes the console’s image of “Best console EVAR”

I know there are alot of AWSOME japanese games that dont get sent over because they dont “look good enough” or dont “push the console” which is utter horse ass if you ask me.

Gamers want gameplay, not pretty flashies… well, I dont at least.

yeah, i consider myself a deep gamer and i think that gameplay is much more important than looks. but if a game has crap visuals i don’t think it will attract many buyers.
a game’s a bit like a girl really.


Well, not every male member of the species, I hope, is shallow enough to go solely by looks :stuck_out_tongue:

Gameplay is the important factor. But, I do like the immersion that comes with fluid and glitch-free graphics. Anything that aids the ergonomics of a game will help you to forget that you are playing a game, which is when you become immersed. Games that accomplish that are usually pretty good.


Also a funny thing… what certain people like about a game, others will hate about it. Let me take those OLD AD&D games and use them for an example… When i hook my monitor up to my old 386 POS, and play those, i can jump right into em and spend HOURS playing(just to die and not have saved). I dont know what it is that is so charming about many of those 80’s RPG’s, but they just captivate me somehow. Maybe the funnymentalists are right, and their satanic, and the devil is eating my brain !

Nah, really, i am very interested in how advanced games have come in the past 20 years. From “beep beep, bump” to “This is your story !” and pop music as a chocobo theme. From block’s with faces to pixels that make some guys wanna wack off(some girls too, LOL). With more technology will comes more advanced games.

Which brings me to my next question… If they made a game that simulated reality to near-perfection(sight, touch, smell, sound, pain, ect. ect. ect.) Would you be willing to play it, and just how much would you be willing to shell out to play it ?

HOLY COW I would pay a lot! It would be so awesome to play some kind of perfect virtual reality game, even if you had to endure pain… that just makes it all the better.

FF, going downhill ya say? I’ll show you my take on the FF’s I have played.

FF1 (remake): Simplistic, but effective. A good way to play an otherwise almost unbearable game (the original FF had a crummy translation and NES quality graphics and sound, and well…I’m not very tolerant of anything below GBC/NES quality).

FF2 (remake): Blah characters. Gus has maybe four lines of dialog. Plus, it seems that just about every additional character dies to further your cause. Yawn. Plus, the level-up system was too easy to abuse. The music was really neat, though. You could tell that the graphical polish went to FF1 instead, though.

FF4: Early SNES music at its best. The songs are some of the best even though they tend to be short and simplistic. The graphics were bearable in the overworld, and had some neat graphics in battle (summons had 2 frames of animation, cool). Storyline was okay.

FF5: I love that job system. Too bad that some of the music was…mediocre at best. Storyline features a very boring villain that does some nasty stuff that actually saddened me. Plus, the death of a major character in this game is one of the best ones. The character that dies is pushed past their limits to protect their friends, and the old question of “Why don’t they use a Phoenix Down?” is answered.

FF6: A intricate plot, with good graphics and more sidequests than you can shake a stick at. Still, there is strangely enough something about this game that mildly irritates me…I don’t know why.

FF7: A masterpiece of its time. Had a cool variety of monster models that, while primite today, are still pretty neat. Featured a laughably flawed death in execution (The magical vanishing gloves and the body magically sinking, for instance) that was still very emotional. The scene tends to be ingrained in your memory. Lots of sidequests. Heavily flawed minigames…some are fun (snowboard), while others (submarine) are definitely not. Features a diverse cast of characters, including the “lovable” Cait Sith. Unfortunately, erveryone seems to fixate on Cloud, Sephiroth, and Aeris. I enjoyed the storyline, but at times it becomes confusing.

FF9: An odd one. There’s something about the flavor of this one that I enjoy. The music is surprisingly low quality but a few good pieces pull it through. Freya, though very underdeveloped in story (She’s a Burmecian Dragoon and loves Sir Fratley. End of development) is definitely the coolest rat-woman I have ever seen. The plot is “meh” (Garnet: Mother really is sweet under all those rolls of fat and evilness, really, she is!) but does the job.

FF10: A dramatic change from the previous installments. Voice acting, aeons, weapon customizing, Blitzball, different turn-based battles, frequent use of damage over 9999, lack of a world map, and much much more… Voice acting is “eh”. Characters are also “meh” overall. Kimarhi is your standard boring anthromorphic creature…I was hoping for more. Yuna is really well developed in story, though. Some of the minigames to get Sigils for your ultimate weapons are hellish, though (Blitzball, Catcher Chocobo, lightning dodging). I like it, but it kinda irritates me a bit at the same time.

FFX-2: Whoa, maybe too dramatic of a change. I enjoyed the class system and Oversouling but disliked the anal story requirements, most of the music, most of the storyline and characters (I would like to shoot LeBlanc into the sun), and that fact that the Via Infinito bosses past level 40 are impossible without Cat Nip.

FFTA: I can’t really sympathize with Marche, but the game itself is fun, with missions that come in all flavors. Too bad Vieras are so ungodly powerful (Summon + Doublecast, Assassin + Concentrate). It’s fun collecting all the different pieces of equipment. I practically cheer every time I pick up a new mythril weapon. :slight_smile:

FFMQ: This was my first “real” RPG. It’s fun when you haven’t played anything better, but in retrospect: “Holy crap, this was actually fun?”

Well, those’re my thoughts. Whenever a series progresses, there are always cries that it is going downhill. I don’t enjoy all the changes that have happened since Square moved onto PS2, but I enjoy many of them. Each game has its own enjoyable flavor (excepting MQ :P).

I think though that RPGs need better graphics then other games because you pay more attention. In some real fast paced fighting or racing game you are too focused on the action to notice.

I feel the same way, I infact, enjoyed and wanted to play all the way through it as I went along and had a good time doing so. In retrospect, I wish I hadnt. After looking back at it, I found that I could have been spending my time on somthing better like Vagrant Story (which I still havent played all the way trough, stupid me)…

FFX is good, and it does infact appeal to a much broader range of people than the older games, which can be an offense to those of us who liked the old style.

FFX-2 - Well, I played the demo, and f**king hated it. I didnt want to play it, the style, the story, all of it. I dont want to see Yuna seek out this wussy boy who’s name they never say. Tidus, whether it was “Tee-Dus” or “Tie-Dus” I dun care. Whiney and as usual, overcoming his hissy-fits to become a brave little hero. He was the sterio-typical image of MTV Metrosexuality that our country is starting to inherit. I know he wasnt really based on that, but its what he reminds me of. If I remember right, the Japanese see pretty boys as more badass than rugged guys like Solid Snake.

Which ever the reason, I wont say anything else bad about FFX-2 because I didnt play it, nor did I want to.

All in all, thats the way it should be, there are more companies than squaresoft making good RPGs out there, and to complain about it rather than get one that you WILL enjoy is kinda silly.

That was the stupidest thing I’ve read so far this month.

yeah really, if a game was like a girl, i’d be playing girls instead of games, LOL.

Actually, i know what he ment.

HAH, it makes perfect sense though, didnt you know? When you finish your girl, you can take her to gamestop and get Game Bucks which you can use to buy another girl!

Its a perfect comparison in my opinion.

Girls- This also works with boys so get all your old used boys over to your local game store and trade them in!

I don’t agree, actually I love X! But I still think final fantasy VI was a lot better. Better story, better enemys(kefka, muahhuhuhuhuu) and cuter graphics,

And wonderful music, I love it!

I mostly whistle 6’s music when i work. I useually whistle .hack songs, or FF6 songs. 10 had some great music too. the purely instrumental “suteki da ne” sang to my heart… and otherworld was a nice touch… nothing like rock music in a game !

OMG, how many people think Kefka’s laugh goes muahuhuhu?! I’ve seen that like 5+ times on this message board!

Am I the only one who distinctly remebers that it goes “vwehehehehe”?!?!

It normally doesnt bother me, but its like “I like kefka’s laugh! muahahah” and then I’m all like, “um, no.”

ok, I’m done.

I remember him going “Muahahaha” a few times.

Huh, I guess I just remember it as Vweheheheh because that was the most unique one he had done in the game.

The sound was the same, but I remember vwehehehe the most often. As it was KEFKA’s laugh and no one else’s