opinions on the final fantasy series

i was just wondering, am i the only one here that thinks the final fantasy series has gone a bit down hill. i mean, from 1 - 9 it was great but i thought 10 was a total disappointment. unlike the past games it was mediocre were as the Final Fantasy series is well known for it’s great games.

and then there was 10-2, which in my mind was utter crap (no offence to the fans). what was the point making a sequel, they’ve never done that in the past.

and also there’s 11. i’ve got no problem with the game itself but there was no need to call it Final Fantasy 11 if it wasn’t part of the main series. they could have just called it Final Fantasy Online or something.

and i’ve asked my school mates who used to play the old Final Fantasy games and they said they were put off playing the series after 10 was released.

i just hope Final Fantasy 12 turns out to be good…

I sorta agree. 1-9 are awesome, but when 10 came out, I was a little shocked. 'Course, this was when I was an itty bitty little gamer. Actually I was like 10. Anyway, I didn’t want to “accept FF10 as a true Final Fantasy,” mostly because of the battle system being CTB instead of ATB. Plus it had real voices, which… well, I guess it just didn’t feel right at the time. But then I actually started playing the game and it was pretty good. Lately all of my friends have taken an interest in Final Fantasy (finally, someone who will know what I’m talking about!) and they seem to like 10 the best so far.

I dunno why people complain so much about 10-2. I mean, yes, it’s wierd at times, and the storyline is pretty shallow, but I really like it. It’s a game you can LAUGH at, and have utter fun playing. I think that’s the best thing about it. I mean, what other Final Fantasy is pure fun? …nope, can’t think of any. The redesigned ATB is the awesomest thing ever, too. And the dialogue is pretty funny sometimes (check out my sig. I was on the floor laughing the first time I heard Brother’s reaction to Paine’s “suggestion”)

I just think that people are getting discouraged because Final Fantasy is changing so much, but if you put the past aside and look at each game individually, they’re all really good. But, yeah, I do hope Final Fantasy eventually returns to normal, and we can all play Final Fantasy like we used to. Like a family. :toast:

I like the change. I hate it when people complain how the series is progressing. It can’t stay the same forever, with obvious reasons. In my mind, it doesn’t make a difference if FF11 was FFOnline. Is that what it all comes down to, a title? Who cares? The series is moving forward and it’s leaving you behind.

The same with FFX, I find a lot of people like it and then a lot of people don’t because of the technological advancements or changes, if you will. The voices, the spheregrid, the change in battle system again, no world map. Guh, just get over it. It’s natural not to favour every game in the series. As for FFX-2, people need to stop taking it so seriously. I haven’t played it but it looks like a fun game, and a chance to wrap up FFX’s storyline. It was never stated to be any more than a fun game.

I would have to agree with SquallStrife about FF10 and FF10-2(not FF11 b/c never played it) so to make a long story short look at his post. But Different people like different things so there can’t be no complaints there. I will get FF12 anyways and see if its good or not

SquallStrife: Many people will agree with you. I do not.

After producing twelve games, not counting Tactics, FFTA, or MQ, you happen to dislike two of the most recent three, and that qualifies as going downhill? I don’t claim that you are wrong to dislike the games, but with the amount of changes between each game, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves every single one, or even ten out of twelve, but you jump to conclusions. Chill.

SquallStrife: I’ll tell ya something, the reason they made FFX-2, was that they knew not everyone would get along with 11’s online style. So they wanted to give the fans who didn’t want to pay the monthly fees, something to tide them over until 12 came along. Well at least that’s what I think they did.

And also I think FFX was a good move. It was about time we actaully heard what the characters were meant to sound like instead of just guessing. And the actually 3D backgrounds were sweet, at least in my opinion they were.

At least they actually have the guts to try new things. Sure, not everything is successful, but there is not one game of the series that I’ve hated. Even X was great, if not the WOW! game that, IMO, VII and VIII were.

Think about it. There are twelve games in this series already, and if they stuck with one formula the entire time, you’d be even less happy. Props to Square/Squeenix for actually giving us something different, and yet still notably Final Fantasy, every single time.

Personally, I think FFX-2 is a blast. It may not be the most serious of games but it’s damn fun and the battle system is the most enjoyable since V’s job system. Just because something’s different doesn’t mean that it’s bad. And a couple of games out of a series not meeting your standards doesn’t mean the entire series is going ‘downhill’. You only think that because they’re the most recent versions that you dislike the most.

And the Uk/Eu Fans getting fustreated with the Time to get FF11 out. We got FFX-2 because They still be several months (Like 6) till they realise it. (Unconfremed September)

And thats the reason I like N*sync better than Mr Timberlake. (Ok, Kingdom Hearts). To me Zidane ‘Sounds’ like Egdar, and Cyan sounds like Capt. Picard.

Big Nutter
I see “Voices”. (Not the same effect as I See Dead People!)

So because you don’t like a few games out of fourteen (I think), the company is going downhill?

Jesus, after reading some of this, and realizing that infact the series IS leaving me behind in what I liked about it… I came to a disgusting conclusion…

I now know how my dad felt when the 60’s music went away… DAMNIT ALL TO HELL!!! I’m becoming an OLD GAMER, CRAP.

I think if they remade the old games for PS2 with better graphics and voice acting that would be cool maybe 1-6 Zeromus and Kefka would be total bad asses

You sir, share my opinion.


In general, RPG-ers love most FFs because Final Fantasy is simply the epitomy of what an RPG is. Even still, everyone’s got their own tastes, and if something turns you off, that doesn’t mean the series is going downhill.

I’ve played every FF from Mystic Quest to X-2, yet FF8 remains my favorite. Unlike 6 or 7, FF8 offers no abundance of ‘cool’ characters, like Shadow, Terra, Sephiroth, or Rufus. Many people hate it, yet 8 is just my favorite. Many people think FF9 is awesome, and I found it sooo boring. X wasn’t so bad. It was different, but still fun. X-2 was waaay different than X, and I don’t be replaying it anytime soon, but it still had a large cool factor, and the gameplay was lots of fun.

To make a long post short, no, I do not think the series has gone downhill.


i like FF11, being upset about the name being part of the numbers series is just being superficial. It being a part of the numbered series is what attracted me to buying it int he first place. Had it not been a part of the numbered series, i probably would have shrugged it off(like crystal chronicles and tactics advanced). FF11 has an awesome story, and this month of not playing it has been TORTURE. I miss the game so much, that i started a fan-fic about it, LOL. I dont know if i will ever finish it, but i would like to have at least a part of it done by the end of the month… i like writing fanfic, but since i never finish it, i never turn it in… anyone else have this problem ?

Back to the subject… I like just about all of the FF’s. I call the progress of the series exactly that, progress. Now, FF10 was a little different, but i liked it. i LOVED it! The only problem i had with FFX was how no one ever said Tidus… and that isnt even a real complaint. ohh yeah, i hated trying to score less than 0 seconds on the choco race… i still have to do that actually…

60’s music hasnt gone away !! it’s just called Classic Rock, and thats not bad… i LOVE classic rock, form the 60’s to the 70’s to the 80’s… Heck, i have noticed some bands today trying to sound like some of the older bands. Ever wonder why the re-make the classics(and end up butchering them to death) ? The new version of “Behind Blue Eyes” pissed me off… they cut out the climax of the song !!!

Sorry, i left the topic again. If you want to get technical, the main theme of FF changed in FF6. FF6 was the first game of the series to be truely incorporate technology insto a big part of its story line. Now, that doesent go to say that traveling to the core of the moon and meeting the Moononites(Ignignaught and Ir) in Cecil’s whale-ship wasnt technological, but it wasnt the theme of the story. It seems that ever since FF6, all others, excluding 9, Technology played huge role in the theme of the game. While Technology did play a decent roll in FF9, it was no wheres near the level of FF8’s, ya know ?

Anywho, storm is rolling in here, so i am gonna leave it at that(for now), ya know ?

now that’s a great idea

FF Legend games were not, in fact, FF games at all. They were SaGa games.

As for remakes, they’ve already re-released the old games on PSX. There wouldn’t be much of a market for them any more if they want to release them yet again.

Um, FFX, bad? I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to call you all stupid jerkfaces. No hard feelings, okay?

Anyway, if you like I to IX, then play I to IX. They’re at your disposal if you can afford a $10 used PSX and a $10 Greatest Hits game. Don’t complain about newer games being worse. That’s like going into an Ice Cream Shop and telling the manager “Strawberry isn’t as good as Chocolate! Fix it!” when there’s nothing to be fixed, only changed.

Personally, I think FFX is like Britain’s navy, better than the next two best Final Fantasies COMBINED. It just executed everything wonderfully.

I have to disagree with FFX being the like the british navy because while the game was a very good game it was no ff7 or ff6(which actully got in the top 5 or 10 of the best games of all time in the 100th issue of Game Informer ff7 was on that list as well along with 8 and 5 i think). It is a very good series and i dont believe it to be going down hill, i think it is going in a decent direction (I myself plan on getting FFXI in about a week and making a RDM).~my opinion