Opinions on FF12

A rather simple question : will it be worthing my time and my cash ?

Although I don’t find FFXII’s real-time system as fun as the traditional ATB system, I find it much funner than the action systems that the Tales and Star Ocean series have(the AI is much easier to control). I’m not sure if the system is better than the one Kingdom Hearts has, but it is pretty fun. I don’t know about you, but its definitely worth my money(as long as I get to use active mode throughout the entire game, unlike the demo in which they forced you to use its crappy wait mode in one of the levels).

When it will be released in the USA/Can ?

Your guess is as good as anyone’s. Summer 2006 is the current date.

And I suppose its going to be the last FF on the PS2 ?

With any luck, the last FF, period. Unless they’ve already announced FFXIII?

It looks great to me. I’ve been wanting to get back into FFXI, but that game just takes too damn long. XII looks like it’ll have the battle system to satiate my cravings. My only warrior is the story and the characters. X and X-2 made the series a bit too focused on pop idols (despite X having a serious underlying story), and I’d like to see it turn away from that sort of thing.

You don’t like FFs Val ?

It wouldn’t surprised me if they do actualy have already planed FF13 and +.

It was already mentioned for PS3

Square’ll stop making FFs the day it goes out of business.

All that was mentioned was that a FF title would come to the PS3. I even remember an interview in some Japanese magazine in which the magazine asked if it was going to be FFXIII, and they said that they could only say a FF title would arrive on the console and they don’t know if it will be FFXIII, a remake of a previous FF, or something else. No new info on the title has been revealed since. And I personnally don’t care what it will be at the moment, as FFXII has still not come out yet. And for the record, SE has reciently been considering bringing the FF series over to the Microsoft consoles.

As for Val, I don’t understand why you hate the FF series so much. Yes, I do agree that the FF series isn’t as good today as it was 5 years ago. But the series is certainly still fun and enjoyable. Definetly more fun then many other RPGs coming out these days. For one thing, SE might remake all 3 of the PSX FF’s for at least the PSP, even though the PS3(which I find unlikely to get any FF remakes) would be much better. And who knows, SE might turn things around next-generation and make FF as good as it was. But one thing is for sure. As long as SE exists, the FF series will not die. And unlike you, I don’t want it to die. But thats just me.

I never said I hated the entire series. FFIV was a favorite of mine my entire life, and I grew up… well, idolizing the characters in that game. I played FFVI when it came out, and found a Rom of FFV and loved that, too. I’m apparently one of the last people who’ll openly admit to really enjoying Mystic Quest.

My problem is, the series has run its course. FFVII wasn’t fantasy, it was a sci-fi game with all the artistic integrity of a Summer Action Flick. (I still enjoyed it, mind, but it was far from my top ten games of all time.) I didn’t bother with VIII, though I hear I didn’t miss much. And 9 and 10 are, as with 7, okay. But 4-6 are the only ones int eh series I really, really enjoyed. After them, the series jsut seems to have gone downhill.

Way to judge a non-existant product on tangentially related ones, Val.

And what exactly makes FFVII so much more Sci-Fi than FFVI?

How exactly is FFVII sci-fi? Alright, it wasnt as fantasy-like as some of the others, and it’s got a relatively modern society (in fact, i think theyre a few decades beyound us), but is really sci-fi? and is that really a bad thing? I agree that FF is getting less and less inspired, but FFX was great, so there’s still hope for the future. And since i forgot what i was saying, i’ll return to the original topic: FFXII.
Looks great, cant wait to play it. I liked everything about it, really.

Oh, I get it. You don’t like how they changed the style of the FF games. Well, I don’t really like the Sci-Fi theme that FFVII and FFVIII had either. But part of the reason FFIX is my favorite is because it uses the old-school fantasy style and the cartoony anime character designs(the game is also very colorful and many characters are non-human). If you liked the style that FFIV-FFVI had, I don’t see why you wouldn’t like FFIX because it uses the same fantasy style that the Nintendo-era games do. FFX didn’t use the Sci-Fi style either. Although the character designs were done by Tetsuya Nomura, it used more of a tropical island-based style that is far different from the
Sci-Fi style that FFVII and FFVIII used. And FFXII is supposedly also using the
island-based style. Although I like the fantasy style best, the island-based style satisfies me. I personally think that since FFVI, the series has gone uphill.

Sorry, my post accidently got posted twice. So I edited the previous statement out.

I think FFXII looks pretty promising. I played the demo, and it was pretty fun. I like how all the monsters are on the screen already, like in chrono trigger. Hopefully its better than FFX, though… I’m not a big fan of X.

Right. It was in Dengeki PlayStation. Gamespot reporting on that particular interview:

One of the questions raised in the interview was whether the PlayStation 3 game will be Final Fantasy XIII. As expected, Kitase declined to give an answer, saying; “I can only officially state that we are making a Final Fantasy for the PS3.”

As for FFXII, I played the demo and I like the battle system. Seeing monsters coming at you a mile away and being able to avoid the fight, is a plus, compared to some games where every move you make, every step you take (Police – ha-ha) there is a random monster popping out; and all you want to do is just get on with the story. Also, the battles are fun and relatively easy for an ATB. Having your lead character attacking and your supporting cast either attacking the enemy or casting cure on each other, reminds somewhat of MPORG.