Opinions and Feedback Muchly Wanted

I’m really close to finishing up a series of songs I’ve been working on off and on for almost a year now. Not covers, either; Originals. A few of them need a few tweeks here and there (melody lines, panning, vibrato, volume, cutting stuff, cowbell) and I REALLY need some feedback before I “officially release” anything new.

So I’m asking ya’ll to give a listen to this beta and tell me what you think. Pros and cons, suggestions, that sort.

This one is called “Eraser Her to Eraser.” Disco-popish feel, 8-bit, runs at 6:25 currently, one of the longest songs I’ve done so far. I really need to change some of the notes on the lead; didn’t work the way I wanted to. And I might cut out the little break around 3:40.


Thanks for your Time,

Don’t change the part 1:36 in. It’s AWESOME.

I dig 2:27 too.

The part around 4:26 sounds like it doesn’t fit into the song, but the section right after it is great.

I didn’t hear a break at 3:40. There’s one at 5:40 though. I think you should take it out. It would work better if there was more content after it, but there isn’t.

The drums at the beginning kinda bother me. Take out every second beat imo, at least for the very beginning, unless a really intense drum sound is what you were going for, only you know that though. But if you were going for the slowish buildup, which is what it sounds like you were, I’d take out every other beat for the first few measures. And maybe have the drums cut in AFTER the bass? I don’t know, just an idea.

This is pretty sweet though

I’m actually listening to it on loop now. It reminds me of playing Phalanx or Axelay or something, or Cybernator

I was listening to it, but then I phased out and when I snapped out of it the music had changed to the ending credits. I got 24978 points.

This is pretty damn awesome. I don’t have too much criticism, if any, right now. I’d have to listen to it a lot more. It is interesting how many changes there are in the song, it is very progressive.

I have a question: what program did you use to write music using these sounds/8-bit?

It’s not a literal break, it’s more of a musical term. It’s implying a break from the whole song, sort of like a breakdown. It’s hard to explain over the internet.

Yes, it’s very good. It reminds me of Turrican and some other .sids I used to listen to. :smiley: I think Hades is right about the 4:26 and 5:40 parts. The ending is a bit brutal and unfinished (not sure how to describe it) and the break doesn’t fit really well. It’s not the kind of song you want to hear too many breaks in because the melodic parts are very well done and you’d expect more of those. And I’d shorten the one at 3:40, as you suggested.

Thanks for the feedback, guys, it’s REALLY helped me a lot!

I never did feel completely satisfied with the original intro. I kind of wanted a “clipping movie reel” sort of feel at the beginning, but I’ve changed it around into something more dynamic, hopefully it’ll flow well with everyone else.

I’ve made a few cuts, but where I have I put in new bridges and melodies. I am, however, hell bent on keeping the 4:23 part. I’m working on a good lead-in to it right now to make it more feasible.

Again, thanks for the feedback; the rapport is really what drives me into finishing anything. I might upload my next beta before this one is completely finished in order to get a head start on what to expect out of it. As a teaser, I’ll just say this: Answer the phone! It’s for you…

You’ll see.


While I’m still tinkering around with “Eraser,” I finished up a bit more on my second song.

Unrest / A-OK!

I started working on this one after I came up with the basis for “Eraser.” I wanted something creepy, then switch to something more upbeat (ELO’s “Fire on High” for instance, and misc. songs by Queen), with a SWING tempo, which is complicated to do on my program. This song pushed my tracking/sequencing know-how further because I wanted to impliment little solo breaks here and there while keeping true to a swing-eights feel.

As for Gila’s question, I use modplug tracker for everything I do. I use the samples that virt uses in most of his chiptunes, which is found commonly in the Konami games. VRC is the name of it, I think.

I need to change the lead up a bit toward the last segments of the song; it gets stale. And for some reason there’s an overhanging note at the end, but I feel it somehow fits in.

Thanks for listening, and please leave some comments/feedback/same ol’.


So what ever happened to your music? Do you have any more files? I want to hear them

Sorry for the seminecropost

I’m taking a bit of a break right now. I get on/off of it every two months or so. I do have a betas and a live jazz piece I need to put up eventually. I’ll get on that this weekend more than likely.

In other news, I’m investing in a ukelele either tonight or tomorrow.