Operation has caught the bug.

I have semi-fond memories of Operation, a game where you stuck tweezers into a bulbuous-nosed patient and tried to grab punnily-named diseases out of parts of him without touching the sides of the hole. Good times.

But… this is just wrong on so many levels.

I can’t believe that they could do that.I can never play Operation again,not that I play it though >.>

I thought the Homer Simpson one was a leap too far, this is just cashing-in taken to ridiculous lengths.

Then again, I can’t off-hand think of a single board game the Simpsons HAVEN’T licenced, so it could be worse… just.

That’s not nearly as bad as:

I know that it’s been done before, but I still have my doubts that anything could top this.

Of course not. That’s too badass for words.

I wish the Xmen were Sentai warriors.

Originally Posted by Dragons Revenge
I wish the Xmen were Sentai warriors.

There’s no part of that statement that I didn’t like. ]:slight_smile:

Caught the bug? What bug? Spider’s are not bugs. They’re Arachnids. What are you new?

Spiderman in Japan is win! Fighting robots :stuck_out_tongue:

My definition of bug includes any non-marine critter that naturally has more than 4 legs.

Then your definition is retarded at best.

I dunno… the whole idea of having a Spiderman edition of Operation seems silly… what’s next, Spongebob Operation?

On a side note, I thought a Trauma Center Operation would be worth buying! :hahaha; No, seriously.

Im positive they have to have a Spongebob operation.

Do they have a Star Wars Operation yet?

But wait there’s more.

The Japanese Spiderman rocks. Best idea ever and ever and ever!

The Operation Spiderman thingamobber however… ;_;

Then your definition is retarded at best.

Echo… echo… echo…

Bug is a slang term, not a scientific definition.

I was also punning on “bug” as in “disease” -> operation. Ah well.

We saw Spiderman Operation, remember? I can’t remember if it was in Target or Toys 'R Us (or both) though…

But anyway, bug is used as a slang term by most people, but there are a specific group of insects that are technically considered “bugs”, too. In any case, who cares if somebody calls a spider a bug…

BTW, I appreciate your pun, Cid! …Even if I didn’t even notice it until now.