opening songs to anime shows

Which ones are your favorite, least favorite?
My favorite is .hack//sign and Lain or whatever it’s full name is. I think Pierson knows.
There are some really big ass songs too, Cowboy Bebop and Lain are really long.

Can’t get the Love Hina one out of my head. God damn it!!

I’m not a fan of the lain one.
My favorites, In No order

Soramimi Cake-Azumanga Diaoh
Galaxy Bang Bang!-Galaxy Angel
Melissa, Ready Steady Go!, Undo, Rewrite-Full Metal Alchemist
Moonlight Densetsu-Sailor Moon
Tenchi Universe Theme
Happy Smile Hello! Panyo Panyo Digi Charat
My Sweet Heart- Tokyo Mew Mew

And Others

Opening songs may be good, but ending themes will always be better.

Ai just on my love - Orphen

Like you said:

Boa - Duvet (Lain)
The Seatbelts- Tank! (Bebop)

and these:
Porno Graffiti- Melissa (Full Metal Alchemist)
L’arc en ciel- READY STEADY GO (FMA)
Cool Joke- Undo (FMA)
Bana- Shell (Witch Hunter Robin)

Haven’t seen too many animes, but the best ones IMO are:
Shell (Witch Hunter Robin)
Melissa, UNDO (Full Metal Alchemist)
eX Dream (X/1999)
Read or Die Main Theme (Read or Die)

I had the pleasure of hearing the Excel Saga theme once, and I like it. Especially how the girl sings. 8)

I have to say that Witch Hunter Robin - Shell is one of my favorites.

The ending theme is far better. It’s sad, beautiful, yet… disturbing. Menchi > Everyone of us.

I’ve got an AMV where someone made an opening for Evangelion using Tank! as the music.

I liked the ending song of the first Season of YUYU HAKUSHO better than the current one.

Shell from WHR, oh my god- I love that one. XD


Super Drive - Gravitation
Free Bird - Haibane Renmei

Ending themes tend to be less up-beat then opening ones, but the ones that aren’t pwn.


I Want Out - Generator Gawl

i hafta say that tank is easily one of my favorites…then ofcourse theres the hellsing opening… but one of my favorties is the ending of flcl…oh and outlaw stars opening aint bad…the very last ep of bebop has a nice ending too. trigun isnt bad either… :bowser: :bowser: :booster: i love those faces…

when we show Slayers Next at our anime club there are people singing along with the intro theme… Samurai Champloo has a pretty crappy intro song, since the word don’t match the music at all.
I’m beginning to like the intro for Hellsing, but that could just be due to it rapidly becoming my favorite anime.

Love Hina- Sakura Saku >_>

Azumanga Daiho-Opening theme
.Hack-Opening theme

Shell, I have to agree with. it’s one of the rare Jap songs I actually love. I also love You May Dream and Yume naka e or whatever it’s called from kare Kano

Probably Ai no Fugue from Nazca or Noir’s opener.