Oooooooooo Shiiiiiiiiney

Shiniest prank ever.

Now that is damn cool.

Whoo for random acts of idiocy! Yeahh!

That was pretty funny. I better not show any of my friends that article.


But all that aluminum foil must have been expensive. Good thing my friends wouldn’t have been able to afford it all.

Good prank.

woah. O_o

Hrm… $100…

I really should try this on my friend’s trailer. I may even be able to get the outside of it if he’s gone long enough…

I am going to do it in my cousin’s apartment when she’s out for the Carnival next month ^^

Pif, tinfoil, what ever happened to good old blood, entrails,and random body parts sloon around?

And instead of doing this, be creative people :stuck_out_tongue: You won’t win points for stealing :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay then, I will throw blue paint in her building’s roof tank (In Brazil we don’t drink water from the tap so no one’s gonna be poisoned for it)

Heeeeee. That is cute. I liek it!