I said it’s getting hot in here (so hot!) so take off all your clothes!
I am, getting so hot, im gonna take my clothes off~

With a little bit a uh uh and a little bit a uh uh!

I hate that song so much, but that video was still pretty awesome.


That is so cool it must have been a real bitch to make

The song sucks, but the choreography is impressive. :dancer:

I would take off my cloths but as you can see im a fuzzy cat on a giant mog.
i dont where cloths.

:moogle: hey the roof is on fire.

Except you’re actually not and seem to neglect the fact that a cape and crown are still pieces of clothing.


thats just because i have to obey the cartoon rule of talking animal.
(see that adult swim episode of yogi bear)
any and all animal characters have to where at least one artical of clothing.

:moogle: no seriosly the roof is on fire. somebody do somthing.

In FF7, Cait Sith is a hollow puppet.

he is still a talking animal.

:moogle: is anybody listining were all gonna die!!

THAT is AWESOME. The music isn’t, but …

Not when the “puppet” has a “puppeteer” attached… grin

keep your hand away from my ass!!

:moogle: *has fled the building as it is burning down.