Ooh, car accident

Earlier this summer, Bahamut (of legendary RPGC fame) was in Chicago, and so naturally we hung out, being that we’ve known each other for like 8 years. So we were on I-94 heading out of the city when all of a sudden this car comes flying down the right shoulder, spins out of control, miraculously flies across all four lanes of traffic and careens into the middle median. The car flips over a couple times right in front of us and lands (amazingly unharmed) on its top. We stopped the car and I got out, though there were already people helping. Bahamut managed to snag this picture, being the photographer that he is, and it’s not too often you get a picture of something like this right while it happens, so I thought I’d share it. The people inside were relatively unharmed, in case you were wondering.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/zepp/wreck.jpg”>

Thats pretty wild. Good thing noone was hurt.

Man. Four lanes? What the hell was this guy doing? (Bear in mind I know nothing of US speed limits or traffic laws apart from you stay on the RIGHT). Glad no-one was hurt though. Man that’s nasty.

And when I started reading this thread, I thought “oh god, Bahamut is dead, or fatally wounded”. Then i realized that the title would probably be more like “Bahamut died” so i got happy again.

Yikes. Good to hear no one was hurt.

That’s some good structural integrity

You should recommend that driver for a Honorrable Mention at Darwin Awards.

I wouldn’t say that yet Ren. We don’t know whether the crash was a result of his/her own stupidity or not.

From what I’ve learned, as long as you don’t do anything stupid your car won’t get away from the ground. How could this not be linked to driver’s inability?

Could’ve been a defect in the car.

My mom had an XTerra. She was in the turn lane perfectly legal. A taxi van thing didn’t see her and turned into the lane and hit her. Her car got flipped onto its top and spun around. She had just been sitting there. So, you’re wrong.

Well that sucks. Wonder if insurance would spike for them. But ('cause no one was hurt), I think the story’s cool.

Whoa, there goes all their luck for a lifetime.

Ya I-94 can get pretty wicked. I live in Michigan so I take it when I want to go to ann arbor sometimes. And trust me the drivers know the meaning of speed. Its a very dangerous highway.

That’s a really awesome photograph. You guys are lucky you had a camera with you; I can’t even count how many times I’ve been caught camera-less while seeing something cool/funny/amazing.

What’s even more awesome was that groups of people stopped to help out. You’d be suprised how many people will just “drive on by” after witnessing an accident.

Wow… I’ve been in car accidents myself but nothing like that… Its fortunate no one was hurt…

Sweet! It’s not everyday that you get to see something like that, and even if you do most of the time you wont have a camera.

Yeah. The timing was eerily perfect. Bahamut had just taken his camera out about half a minute prior to fiddle with some settings. He was gonna take some pictures of the place we were going, and he wanted to have it all set up, when bam, it happened.

Good no one got hurt.
I’m glad that couldn’t have happened here in Norway: We don’t have enough lanes. *Nod.