Only YOU can save Toby.

I find websites like this ridiculously stupid. It’s not even funny. Sure, he wants to save a little bunny he found, but by <b>fucking eating it</b>? I can understand if he cannot care for it; but eating it? Think of the diseases you could get! D:

I’ve seen better attempts at conning people into donating.

Mmm. Bunneh.

I like the pictures the most, and the recipies. Especially recipies that say in the ingredients: “Toby”.

I’m surprised Snopes hasn’t gotten to this one yet.

Anyone who doesn’t realize it’s a scam when he asks for fifty grand is a moron. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rabbit actually isn’t bad, I hope his meal is tasty.

That’ pretty fucked up. Asking people for $50,000 so that you don’t eat a rabbit? Come the fuck on!

I thought it was real, the part where he was asking for money to save some rabbit. Then I read that it’s bribe money so he won’t eat it, and that he wants $50k, then I tolly didn’t believe it was real.

I’m coming Toby, hang on buddy!

We eat rabbit at my house its actually pretty good. You don’t get disease if you eat it after the first hard freeze of winter - spring.

He’s already at 15k… What the hell am I doing in school when shit like this can make me rich?!

Just steal some animal, bludgeon it so it looks nice and horrible, then make some bullshit website asking for money! INGENIUS!

I’m pretty sure the $15,000 is fake.

I’ve tasted rabbit, it’s pretty good.

rabbits were domesticated to be food


Its was a great site, a good joke. Way to take people in pity of the rabbit.

That’s awesome.

It’s not clever, or a good joke or anything praiseworthy because it directly copies another website, Save Bernd! (which is linked to in the link in Trillian’s post).

Besides, Bernd is way cuter than Toby, and the recipe pictured on Save Bernd! is way tastier looking than any of the recipes on Toby’s site. Hell, the picture of the skinned rabbit on Bernd’s site is tastier looking than some of the recipes on Toby’s site.

I thought Bernd was copied from Toby.