Only you can prevent bad movies.

Uwe Boll has announced that he will quit making movies with one million petition signatures. I won’t hold my breath, but with any luck, he’ll quit the film business and take up working for Roto-rooter, since crap seems to be his specialty.

Ha, almost 10% of the needed sigs is in.

Signed. :smiley:

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another “I’ll stop drawing Megatokyo if people make porn of it” …

I meant to post this a day or two ago, but I got lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


Signed, but odds are that this is just another publicity stunt.

We can;t take that chance, I say.

I feel sorry for this guy :confused:

I’m of the opinion Uwe Boll is a dadaist genius laughing at the increasing tirade against him as he continues to mock their culture with his completely straight-faced satires. When that doesn’t amuse him enough, he beats the living shit out of them.
In short, I’m not signing. I love Uwe Boll movies in the same way I love Paul Verhoeven movies.

His movies are subsidised by the German government, so it may be a large-scale social experiment. Not so large-scale of course, as not many people watch his movies, but you can’t have it all.

What an awful idea. I love bad movies. Think of what the world would be like if there was no material for MST3K.

Personally, I jsut hate the guy and how he says he is, and I quote, “The only fucking genius in the business.” His own words.

[STRIKE]Whats wrong with his movies? I like them.[/STRIKE] God, signed!

Like Val said, the man himself has decided to make a comment.
Some swearing involved, and don’t drink anything while you watch. Trust me.

“Come on! What’s Mozart? A nobody, that’s what. I’m better than him” - Karvelas, Greek songwriter. His lyrics are in a class of their own though.

Oh yeah. It’s gonna turn into another Megatokyo-vs-porn.

Hahahahahaha this is awesome.

The epic saga continues…

At last! The system works!

Eh, Blizzard can tell their head from their ass. They could even reply to him with a Warcraft quote: “Don’t waste my time

I once heard Someplace On The Internet that Hideo Kojima has threatened to shoot Uwe Boll if he even approaches 'em about a MGS movie.

I can understand that. I mean, I would. He said he wanted to make a game that would hurt players, not a movie.