Only come here if you're already devoid of sanity.

…don’t ask. Just go. It won’t affect those who are already insane. This is a creepy animated video with song, but it’s funny as hell.

That’s called an “Animutation” by Neil Ciciguera (spelling?). I highly recommend going to Newgrounds and viewing his other creations; they are works of genius. I highly recommend Lesko’s Revenge and Do The Mario.

do the mario…i remember that…:slight_smile:

Well, you were right about it not affecting the already insane.

HA! I’ve already seen it, along with things even more insane! Don’t question my ability to find cracked out flash movies!

Oh right, about the music. He downloads the Japanese Pokemon songs and puts them in Flash videos. That would explain why you might here the occasional Pikachu or Mewtwo in the lyrics.

Now I know I’m already insane!:slight_smile:

i watched this movie and didn’t go insane, and neither did i…

you’ll have to do better than that…

Nice joke zhou :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, first, lets go with:

After the intro click “Movies” at the top, then start with Super Mario Blitz. And I suggest watching all those movies eventually, they are quite good.


Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
[b]i watched this movie and didn’t go insane, and neither did i…

you’ll have to do better than that… [/b]
If anyone calls him a Schizophrenic, you’re dead. And not becasue I care, it’s because schizophrenics don’t have mulitiple personalities, that’s a completly different disorter.

i only have multiple personalites online…ayane doesn’t exist outside these forums(and note the new sprite i stol-er, made to represent her).

i will soon, though…

no, you won’t.

Just sayin’. There a huge misconception that Schizophrenia is the same as Dissositive Identity Disorder. The first usually consists of illusions that seem as reality, and the latter is your multiple identities. Hey, I took Psych for a reason, weird…

Okay, I’m done. Go watch those Mortis Flash movies if you haven’t.

Not bad. the mario one wa funny. :slight_smile:

do the mario was my favorite one…:slight_smile:

Mortis island doesn’t work, but that video does. Its nuts.

Not Mortis Island, Mortis Land… And yes, yes it does.

Okay, in terms of insanity, that makes Fhqwhgads look like Ronald Reagan … wait, bad example.


What’s sanity?

yeah…what IS sanity, anyway?

Zeta’s definition of sanity: Being able, and most of the time, acting on conscious thought. I already knew about Mortisland and Newgrounds, I didn’t post anything about them cause I assumed you did too.