Only 39 days left

Look at the handsome planet. It might be gray scale, but dammit, that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Nice! ^.^

But, we may have just sent another probe out into the unknown only to have it return as a sentient being. -_- Lets hope “for everlasting peace” that it doesn’t collide with any other probes or lifeforms.

Or better yet, China doesn’t shoot it down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I’m sure the new info we get on Jupiter and its moons (especially Europa) will be enough to tide me over, I’m really looking forward to what they find out about Pluto and the Kuiper Belt in 2015.

I wonder if the Aliens are mad at us for tossing our junk out into the solar system. :frowning:


Nah, they’re probably far more pissed off at our radio broadcasts flooding the universe. (“Damn Earthlin’s! KEEP THE NOISE DOWN!”)

Bah, Pluto and the Kuiper Belt are frozen dustballs. We need more things roaming around on Mars. Venus too. Venus doesn’t get enough attention :frowning:

You forgot about Mercury.

Ooo. Pretty.

Scorched rockball. Just about as interesting as the frozen dustballs.

I find Jupiter pretty. Thank you for da link.

Titan + Triton= winning.

And Io, if they could keep it working long enough.