Online Journals

I’m starting to get into it thanks to a friend of mine.

Anyone else have one, or am I catching on to a now dead trend, like most always?

Yeah, I have one. (yes, yet ANOTHER name I use… and I have more)

And if there’s anyone that would like one: I might be bored and feel like being nice and host it.

Mine is listed in my profile as my website.

Though, theres no reason the view it. I usually just write stuff pertaining to my life offline. (or lackthereof).

I don’t like Online Journals because it:
a) more often than not shows how stupid/shallow people can be
b) wastes space because no one cares about your personal life (except when you show it to your personal friends. Even then it’s a maybe.)
c) is most of the time nonsensical and refers to personal aspects that perhaps a dozen people would even know of
d) serves no purpose. You want to vent, vent on notepad. Don’t spawn this crap and clutter the internet with it.
e) is hypocritical. If a journal is online, it’s not very damn well a place for your private thoughts, is it? It’s simply another public communication channel, except it’s one-way, and defeats the entire purpose of a public communication medium.

Nothing personal against anyone who write in them. Journals are fine. They just shouldn’t be online.

No fancy script used or anything… just me, my site, and a couple of spare gallons of vitriol every now and again. X-D If you ever want to see “absolutely raving furious Nebagram”, this is the place.

Mine was a REAL journal, not a diary. I haven’t updated in months, though. I’ll start a new one by June.

I knew it!!! ;.; ;.; ;.;

And THAT’s actually why I quite like it. I’m a lot better at communicating when I don’t have the pressure of people asking me questions, or interrupting me, or making me feel stupid or whatever. I treat each update as more of a news post, or just something to spam my quiz results that I oh-so-love. If there’s something majorly personal that I need to vent about, I’ll either blab about it to a friend or write it in an actual (as in PAPER! GASP!) journal.

heres mine, its mostly pointless since so many are so damn serious.

You’re missing the point, Cless. Yes, people whine and vent and can be complete angst-mongers in their journals, but then again, everyone whines about something whether we admit it or not.
The point of it is to share one’s thoughts on whatever’s going on in their lives, and to read someone else’s journal is to see what’s going on and to help the rest of us realize that everyone else isn’t an emotionless consumerist zombie that gets paid minimum wage.
Let me point out that people not only do this in online journals, but in everyday chat, on the messageboard, and other forms of communication. So it’s hardly a waste of internet space. =p

And let ME point out that your last seven online journal entries contained 6 online quizzes culled from your friends journals Miss not a zombie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. What’s more silly is the way people reply “ooh no girlfriend he still luvs you! Im here for you! You can always talk to me girlie, dont let that get you down.” It’s incredibly funny. I’ve read stuff like that from a few people from RPGC and it defeats the purpose of talking 1 on 1 with someone. It’s like people are saying “here’s my life story, here, read it, and then come back to me so I can continue venting to you so you wont annoy me with questions.”

Who gives a fuck? If I didn’t have a Livejournal I’d still be bugging all of YOU with all the crap in my life, instead of a select amount of people. I suppose that people don’t remember when I was whining here every week… and even suggesting a “personal problems” forum back in the EZboards… ugh.

I give a fuck! I should go get me a livejournal and complain about it!Tee hee.

Anyways I don’t really have a problem with them since I only read a handful (when directed) and I realized I may have touched a nerve there. i shouldn’t have stereo typed everyone in the whole “Help me” category when it comes to live/dead journals.

So? I write stuff too, Mr. Quiz Nazi. ;p

Yes, but Notepad isn’t customizable with pretty colors and smilies. :smiley:

Discussions about online journals always rise their share of people for and against them, leading absolutely nowhere, except inside jokes. :stuck_out_tongue: If this kind of communication can help people feeling better, may it be by whining, getting pitied, then being said by everybody they’re great, cool, awesome and beautiful or by writing whatever happened in their day and getting closer to their online friends, I don’t think it’s bad. Whatever works for them.

[inside joke]

Yeah, I’ve really got to put up my first entry there Nul, thanks again BTW.

I’ve mostly just got one to vent and let off steam whenever I need to.