Online game store?

Has anyone got any success stories about ordering games from an online store? I want to get a few Nintendo DS games (yes, I’m finally picking one up) and they weren’t in the stores I looked. Even FF3 is already gone from shelves. 8-( Anyone have a recommendation of a store available to Canadians? And no, I don’t want to get involved in eBay if I can possibly help it. is awesome, they carry US copies of games as well. is pretty decent, but they can take incredibly long with sending your stuff if it isn’t in stock

I’ve heard good things about

Amazon is trustworthy (I’ve bought quite a few books from them w/o any hiccups) , plus if your product arrives damaged they just ship you a new one.

You can get almost anything still in production off Amazon. For rare stuff there’s always E-Bay, but make sure you check their feedback rating!


They usually send you free crap with your order, have fast shipping times, AND CHEAP PRICES on new games. I friggn’ love this site.

I bought from both DVDBoxoffice (although it was a few years ago) and Amazon before and I never had any problem with them. As TD said, the former can take a ridiculous amount of time before shipping anything EVEN if it’s in stock. I don’t know how they are now, but it always took a week before they confirmed my order and one more week before they shipped it. Just make sure you check around for prices because they tend to inflate theirs for some items. Same goes for Amazon. Also, I always thought was all right. >.>

Why is it that new NDS games are $40, but none of the stores anyone mentioned has Castlevania: DoS for anything less than $50? >_<

I thought that sellers were allowed to raise and lower the price as they see fit, and that Nintendo only reccomended prices.

I meant that Castlevania: DoS is a year old and yet is more expensive than any of the new games.

Probably because it’s rare as shit.

Suck it up unless you want to try your luck on ebay.

I just lost an auction tonight for DoS… :\

edit - Well, I lost that auction but won another. Hee. I ended up paying ~$30 for a complete, like new DoS and shipping. Oh, and Tingle is really freaking me out now.

I picked it up a few days ago at the only EBgames in town and I spent as much on it as I would have for retail last year (i.e. $30), but I only managed to get a used cart for it. Not the best but I could have done worse.

Castlevania:Denial of Service

CV DoS is very rare and in high demand. It is virtually impossible to find. 10$ is not a big deal when you think about how other games like that sell for several times their value. For example, years ago, Astral and I sold a Suikoden 2 on ebay for over 100$ US. Don’t be cheap if you want it. Its worth the 10$. Just suck it up. Or try Ebay. Don’t be afraid of Ebay. I’ve done dozens of transactions on it and it is an excellent service. You’ll save A LOT of money by going to Ebay. I know I did. The risks are really really low and most ppl who exagerate the risks have never used it.

Not true. I have eBay problems all the time. Make sure the person you buy from has at least 98% positive feedback, as well as a decent amount of sales.

That’s called safe shopping. I have over 60 positive ratings on ebay, so I’ve dealt with ebay a lot. Hell, it convinced my parents who are paranoid about these things to use eBay. My dad bought his motorcycle on ebay.

I’m just saying that even with people who have a lot of positive ratings, eBay shopping for me has been hit and miss.

I bought $12000 Benz, $2000 of PC parts, $200 worth of games, and $200 of other misc. stuff from eBay over the years. I don’t have a bad thing to say about the place. The sellers shipped fast, replaced defective components, and, most importantly, sold their stuff dirt cheap.