onimusha 3

hey has anyone heard about it? you an olay both as a modern samurai and old japanese samurai

Well, I’ve only played the first, seen some pics from the second but that’s all. I’m currently trying to beat Fortinbras. &%¤# snake demon!

Fortinbras gave me a bit of a challenge. He isn’t too difficult. Use all the magic powers from all the weapons first, then use the red weapon, it hits the hardest.

Thanks, I’ll try that, Sorc. He manage to grab and roast me all the time, that’s the main problem. Grrr…

It’s been a long time since I played onimusha, but thats what I did.

I’ve played and beat them both. Fortinbras is much harder than Nobunaga in the 2nd one. The 2nd one is a lot more RPG-like with the whole “gift” system. I still havnt been able to play as Ekei or Mogoichi. Even the last time through i didnt play as Kotaro. You’d practically have to buy a book to do everything in that game.