One weirdass morning. Before school too.

Okay, here’s how it happens. I’ve been asleep for about 7 hours now, and I sorta semi-wake up, enough to keep dreaming and remember it. Then, the weirdness starts. I start dreaming that I turn over in bed, and it’s five to eight. Then I wake up, roll over slightly. Yeah, it’s five to eight.
So I’m like, “Screw this. Need sleep.” Since I don’t get up till nine anyway, this isn’t a problem. Then I go back to sleep. Stupid alarm wakes me up. At eight. Damn alarm.
So anyway, I get back into that semi-comatose state I had been in, and then the fucked upest dream starts. I’m watching a, like, show or movie or something. Of part of a Gallo fic. And if THAT doesn’t mean I spend too much time here, I don’t know what does. I mean REALLY. I’m fucked up. :slight_smile:
Anyway, this dream somehow turns back into the five to eight one. Then I wake up, roll over and I’m like “WHAT THE FUCK?! HOW CAN IT BE FIVE TO EIGHT AGAIN!” Then I realize it’s five to nine. So I get up.
Yeah, fucked up.

lol, me thinks someone has been time rifting in their sleep.


Knows you are kindling innate powers

I can top that.

I’m at some kind of Satanist meeting and we’re watching some kind of documentary on the devil, then I turn to my right and there’s some dude with knives in his face laughing. Then I turn to my left and there’s Emeril Lagase who says his trademark “BAM!”

I wake up, sit straight up, and say “What. The. Fuck.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, that’s even better than any of MY “What the fuck” dreams :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, I HAVE done the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had my fair share of fucked up dreams. Once I dreamt that I rolled off my bed, and then I somehow fell into an abyss. I also hate those times when you’re awake, but you’re still in the dreaming mind-state and you can’t move and stuff. I see some weird stuff in those mindstates… once I saw a tall hooded figure looming over me, standing on the corner of my bed. When I saw that, I just thought “fuck this” and went back to sleep.

I agree with Gila-Monster about the semi-awake state.

Has anyone else ever seen a hooded figure looming over in any of thier dreams, or life?I think it is the reaper schedualing when we should die. I was so scared to death.

One time I dreampt that I was on this like field( this is before I knew what video games were by the way)of coloured blocks.I stomp on one, and it falls out from under my feet.So I start running, every block I step on collapses from under my feet.I see a white abyss they falll into, and I see I am drawing near some castle like thing.When I reach it, I look back at the field, and see the blocks come back up, but see through-like, adn a figure that resembles me(not in a shadowy form) running twords where I was in slow motion. The figure splits into 2 people,(not side by side, one in front of the other)The person that falls at the first block was a slower one, and the other one looks half-way see through now.The one that made it becomes the slower one now, and falls.
This happens six times.
When the last faint ghost like- resemblance of myself reaches me. He runs into me and I fall down,and all of the other figure that fell came up and hit knoked me down, while becoming a part of me at the same time this one does.
I hear a faint voice off in the distance that sounds evil and I cannot quite hear what it is saying.
Dream over.
The dream is different each time I recall it, and every time God (Christian) grants one of my prayers, the evil- sounding voice gets clearer, and clearer. .The same thing happens after I recall the dream after a sin that I could have avoided.At first it was an angelic voice, but that sometime comes back if I help someone out.These happen only If I actually made it at all.(to the castle I mean)Now instead or a trial recollection with all these doors and such it just ends there. I only do the door trial if I remember the first time I had this freaked out dream.
NOTE: I remember each different version of the dream( I have only HAD the dream once, but I recall it often)
This is how the dream went as i was having it-

This was not how the dream actually happened,I fell without even seeing a castle, and then go immediately from a fallingto this hallway filled with doors, and painted white.I cannot remember if the hall was endless, I think it had doors turn in and out, and the halllway turned many times and I tried to read what each door said, but I was 4 years when I had this dream.I keep going down the hallway, until I reach a section with a semi circular structure, and a hall in a perfectly straight line. Not painted white(white green and blue) and twisting like the other halls.This is the only hall with windows. I keep going down the hall aimlessly,until I start running. Faster, and faster I run, until I keep going so fast, I seem to not need to breathe to supply me with air all throughout this hallway. I stop almost on a dime it seems, yet whiles, off from this light I see.I am curious to see what it was I was running from. When I turn around, I see all the light what was once flooding into the hallway, being blackened over, and the chirping of birds dissapears. The light are going out at an incredibly fast rate, coming twords me faster and faster. I do not move. Unafraid, I stand thare with a serene feeling about me.The windows eventuallybcome black all down the hallway,and thare is little natural light.I hear a shattering of glass, and the picture that I was looking at before, seems to fade away from below> I drown in a black gooey substance, not screaming for help or even feeling panic.
I seem to pop out of nowhere, back in the beggining of the very same hallwa. With artificial light, turns and everything painted white.Instead of going down the hallway again I decide to open-not enter- open a door and peak inside.I crack the first door open only slightly, and look inside. Only to have six glowing red eyes staring back at me.Cerberus, I thought.I look in almost every door I pass. After each door I feel a different emotion. And I am not sure, but I think each one of them was a pagan or a false god.I decide to try reading what the doors are labeled again,and I am somehow able to read it. I examine myself before entering, I seem to have gotten taller. The door reads “Earth”. What is odd is that this is a door I have not entered yet, but I was able to read it before entering.And if you were going to ask, no, no I did not learn how to read it by comparing symbols from ther doors to the letters on this one.(I tried to enter several doors that were labeled and contained gods, or events, but some kind of barrier hald me back.).I enter into another hallway with the same look, but different words that I could not read before.I remembered how this dream went.I entered a door that I did not know what it meant at the time, but after remembering, it was labeled Human. I enter that door and choose a place in the Earth I want to be born at.
Irandomly selected Berglendgensfald Gemrany.I examined myself every time I entered a hallway, and noticed that the longer I stay the bigger I get, and every new hallway, returns me to four-year-old size.
I choose Boy or girl:boy, next hallway.
I choose race: European mix, next hallway
I choose family:Son of Marshall Pual Fox, and Carina Moore, next hallway
I choose name: this was a series of hallways with letters at each door. B-next D-next F-next
I choose wait this is an interesting hallway I think to myself, besides from after entering the Earth door, that all other hallways after that did not have an unlimited size.(like the first one with me running down it.), doors’ labels’ were constantly changing.I enter a door labeled video games, and wake up.
Odd how I remembered such a long dream.

I am deeper than any of you thought.


EDIT: I jus had a thought. You know those ghost like figures that came out of the white abyss and became a part of me. I think that each one reapresented a time I went through a door. Spooky huh?

Your dreams are awfully ordinary.

Sometimes those are the best kind :smiley:

I hear you on the weird dream timekeeping. I find sometimes that semi-awake, semi-asleep state has the consciousness of being awake, and the timekeeping of being asleep - as in, time seems to pass in some incomprehensible way. When I have “five more minutes” and keep nudging myself to look at the clock, those five more minutes seem to last a damn long time.

I’m still not entirely sure whether I class this as a good thing or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a dream the world was turned to a nuclear wasteland. It was wonderful, I didn’t have to read any of these fucking threads anymore.

hahah awesome. And let me guess, you were gonna read some books, but then your glasses broke. And then your eyes broke.

Ha Ha! Nice comeback, GM! :hahaha;

(For those of you who don’t get it, that’s a reference to an old TWILIGHT ZONE episode about a man who never had the chance to read what he wanted- until after world war III.)

Sin wins. >.>

I have to many wierd dreams to explain them all.
Here’s one, though:
I was lightsaber fighting with Darth Vader, when all of a sudden, we teleported to a cliff where he said, use the force, or the monkeys will come. We were then attacked by the monkeys from the wizard of Oz. Then I jumped off the cliff, figured out I could fly, then suddenly forgot how and fell until I woke up.

I had a dream once that I got to lvl 60 before Sin did because he wasn’t a stupid power gamer =(

Nah man, I BURN books remember? Now someone post the picture.

I guess we can add this one to the RPGC exclusive lame jokes.

I had one of those too, except it was a crazy old lady trying to strangle me.

HJAHAHAHH!!! holy shit, that made me laugh out loud. hahahah seriously, that’s funny stuff.

I had one of those too, except it was a crazy old lady trying to strangle me.

wow, i heard about that one in newspapers or sopmethibng… uh or something! yeah that’s it.