1. Caik or pie?
  2. Maya or Lightwave?
  3. Please tell me that “MAVAV” is a spoof organization. >_>

Not as good as MAM!

Maddox had to mirror the site on his own because he destroyed it’s bandwidth limit. ^^

Yes sweety, I’m what your parents warned you about. I’m a pedophile. No, you are sweet but I’m 20 years old, and i have a girlfriend… We were doing it to make fun of captain spanky who was hitting on you. Mainly because the age difference was just disturbing beyond funny.

You do know I was kidding right? That would be soooo very wrong…Meep

Okay, Ape Escape 2, or Katamari Damacy?

Money or love or love of money?

:booster: Stoopid Question: Why is Cammy nude? :hahaha;

:thinking: Serious Question: You have a girlfriend AND are taking art classes. What are your plans for the future? Marriage + Career in Animation?

The Closed Beta for WoW is ending today. Are you going to be in the second stress test? What faction will you be? What class will you be? I’m still undecided o.x;

~ cause I need self justification? Dunno.

1 Pie
2 Not even a question - Maya
3 MAVAV is indeed a spoof

Havent played Katamari Damacy, but Ape Escape 2 sure was fun!

Love; I’d also like money if it happened to come along into my life.

~Cause cammy loves me and gets naked for me!

~I have a girlfriend cause we like one another, but my career choice is indeed heading towards animation.

Alliance, Human, Rogue (or Paladin if they worked out the talents for them.)

Why didn’t you answer my question about being given your own cammy costume?

He did, in the one before that.

CvS2 ruined anything related to Cammy for me. Ugh, the voice…the voice! Even R.Mika had better voice-acting in SFA3 than Cammy in CvS2.

My question is this : What will your team be in Capcom Fighting Evolution?

I loved Cammy’s CvS2 voice… It made me smile… >_>

And as for CFE, I dunno the full list yet. But if cammy is there, she’s a shoe-in.

I know Zangief will probably be my # 2 no matter who else is there.

How long have you been drawing?

since I was old enough to hold a pencil, so about 19 years (I’m 20.)

But in reality, I’ve not been drawing long enough. Rather, I’ve not been drawing to get better long enough. I drew for so many years of my life just to draw and have fun. Now I’m making up those years here in Digipen so that I can be a serious artist and not a fan-artist.

Christmas or halloween.

Congrats on your post count. I’ll make you a present later.

but first my questions.

if cammi, sailor moon, cat woman, tifa, rikku, ryoko, kikyo, and ayla were all in one big cat fight and you were with your girlfrend when it start and they started ripping off each others cloths will you…

a) be loyal to your girlfriend and not look

b) hope your girlfriend forgives you and watch the hole fight to the end.

also who would you cheer for during the fight. :moogle:

This year I’m gonna say Christmas, however this is also my first Halloween where I’m going to a college party to celebrate which is gonna make it cool…

But for christmas I’m getting a full suit of plate mail, so that’ll make it AWESOME.

Well, she’d probably watch too just cause she’d think it was ridiculous. So I guess b, cause she’d hopefully forgive me… lol

Plus, they arent real people so it’d be animated, correct? Were artists, we may watch to observe the animation quality. nods yes. Animation quality.


How fitting.
I’m sorry that was cruel.


Easter or shrove tuesday.

Immortality or Death?