One of the signs of the Apocalypse is upon us.

A Duke Nukem Forever trailer is coming out.

…goodness. @_@



Yeah, they released a trailer six years ago.

I stand by my requirement for an actual release date.

It’s a new one, douchebags.

Your comment alone made me laugh like a mad little kitty.

I’m surprised that they really haven’t aged him that much since the last game. He’s got to be pushing fifty by now.

No I meant old because there is a thread in the video game forums already. :wink:


Another potential sign of the apocalypse to come.

Also, if you look closely you’ll see my brand spankin’ new avatar too. (I guess that counts as three)

The facial hair of your Kirby is endearing. Or fucking nuts.


How long has this game been in the making and why? They must have almost nothing they had when they started, what with all the platform changing and shit. Do they just start over from scratch whenever new significant technology comes out? Where’s the money coming from and why hasn’t it just been abandoned? What gives?

Duke Nukem gives.

Think of it as Daikatana Deluxe.

I resolved some time ago that this game is in fact an elaborate hoax, probably perpetuated by British university professors.

I once had an idea for a bit part in a sci-fi comedy (a Phantasy Star spoof) involving “The Cult of Duke Nukem,” who are still awaiting his arrival “When It’s Finished”, but then I realized that no one would be able to remain taking it seriously that long.

Gah, the trailer makes it even less of a big deal to me. John McClane wanna be.

Well, all that money from drug trade has to be poured into some kind of project. don’t shoot me kthx

Hm… it’s been 12 years since Duke 3d… I hope they have a decent story at least to back up this game because they have had the time.