One of the best concerts I've gone to.

Every single band kicked ASS.
They were all local bands (Delphos, etcetera), but one was from PA.
They were the best there by <b>far</b>, I even found some of their stuff on

Seriously check them out. Kinda hard to describe what they sound like.

Edit: I even moshed a TINY bit. It stopped before it got anywhere major.
Even got hit on :slight_smile:

How much booze did that guy have to drink to hit on you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Concert ive ever been to is Summer Sanitarium.

It was (in order)

Linkin Park

Greatest show ever, Lb and metallica did especially well

Yeah, I saw it too.
Nothing compares too good ol’ local bands, though. They’re way more involved with the crowd.
Xelo: Fuck you, I got hit on by a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, Local Scene around me SUCKS!! Thats Conneticut for yah…

Family Values 2001:

Linkin Park
Stone Temple Pilots

It was teh best ev0r.

Local Scene here = teh rox. best punk/ska scene around

I still haven’t been to a concert that can top Bruce Springsteen…

Primal Scream pwns LP. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate being in Vancouver. Band go all over the US and stop in places like Graceland, Washington (near seattle) but they just won’t freakin stop in Vancouver. So we get a good show only like every 2 months.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
How much booze did that guy have to drink to hit on you? :stuck_out_tongue:


…Isn’t anyone even gonna comment on the band I linked to?

I would have gone to concerts, but all the good ones are a days travel away. I hate this place.