One of my must-sees for the year

The Van Helsing trailer is up. I don’t care when it happened, but it helped me to get a quick Hugh Jackman fix. :kissy:

edit - Yes, I know we already talked about Van Helsing, but the trailer is news, right?


The trailer came out Fri morning. I have mixed feelings. I has that underworldish feel as far as Style over Substance and I fear it may go the same route. I have been following it for some times and the trailer just confirmed my fears heh.

Here is to hoping though =)

O_O Thank you Vicki, I dont know when I would have seen this!

Um … crap, the sound on the school computer stopped working … Uh … It looks pretty cool, though.

EDIT: Huzzah, it’s back! … Yep, I’ll watch that.

This is going on my must-see list too.

he’s the best at what he does…EVEN IF WHAT HE DOES ISN’T VERY NICE!!