One more spider in my care !


I’m finally getting my much desired Mexican Red Knee. It is the most popular tarantula as a pet. It is a confirmed female at 1.5" !

I’ve wanted one of these ever since I started keeping tarantulas. It will make a sharp contrast to my Mexican Fireleg female.

I can’t wait to feed it !

Cool DG! Post picture when you can.

Mmm. Lesbian Spider Sex.

Get them together right after they both molt and you’ll have Naked Lesbian Spiders…Or one fat spider.

Ok, so here’s my new Mexican Red Knee.

Say hello to… Ginger !

As stated above, it’s 100% female.

Here’s another shot, where the colors are more visible.

So I’ve finally have the ultimate hobby icon ! May she live decades in my care !

She’s super hot DG!

… As opposed to what other possible percentages, besides 0%?

Very funny. No really, the chances are usually set at 50%. But this one has been accurately sexed with a molt. So it is a definite female, thus 100%. I’ll keep the next molt skin and sex it myself. Since the folks I bought her from have almost a decade of experience selling and breeding these, I have no doubt whatsoever that they can be totally sure when they sex their tarantulas for sale.

Well, the way you phrased it made it sound like it could be something like “74% of her is female, and the remaining 26% is male.”

Fasntnig, a spambot which is actually halfway on-topic. Y’know, apart from the random spam-link.

Just thought this picture was too adorable not to share with everyone. Here is Ginger, my recently acquired 1.5" female Mexican Red Knee lounging at her favorite spot in the cage.

So far, she has adapted nicely, has made a small burrow under her hide but rarely goes into it. She has a very good feeding response, she’s rather quick to tackle an approaching cricket, just like my 3" female Mexican Fireleg, Fluffy !

Edit: Decided to leave out the Redleg after reading many accounts on how they can be such poor eaters.

I’ll pay you if you let me sex her instead.

No, you wouldn’t even know where to look for starters. And second, I would never ask anyone money for sexing a spider’s molt.

And now I am reminded as to why I keep GSG on the ignore list. <.<

Gratz on the new spider! :smiley:

Looks awesome!

Here’s a new shot of Ginger. It looks like she’s staring back.

Ain’t that photogenic or what ?

How old does a spider have to be before you can legally sex it?