One Less Reason To Go Outside

W00t! Now I can play minigolf with all the comforts of home…

[…mmm… Minigolfing in my pajamas…]

Best round thus far: 36 [not bad after 64 on my first]

Apparently the words “birdie” and “eagle” aren’t in their vocabulary…

And bogey. Regardless, I got 37 my first time 'round. :slight_smile:

edit: just got a thirty nine.

84…DAMN WINDMILL!:enguard:

I was doing good until the 18th hole raped me and I got a 39.

Jippii got it in multiplayer mode, it’s much more fun when you have someone to play against. Even though he, or she, is likely to kick your arse.

And it cost money.

Originally posted by Cala
And it cost money.

They’ve changed into a pay service? Must’ve been a long time since I was there last.

You gotta pay to make a name; 'fore it was free, but people bitched 'cause others took their name and said shit, so they made it so you gotta pay.

31 now. :stuck_out_tongue:

40 2nd time around…ok, I now officially hate par 18.


Has anybody NOT gotten a hole in one on hole 3?

43…if only i could play this good in real life…

50 in my first playthrough… and I concur with Trillian about the windmill.

EDIT: I realized that it wasn’t the Windmill one that I screwed up on, but the next one. I got a 10 on hole 14 my first time. This time, I got a 42 overall. Thank you, Kaiser!

The windmill is easy. Go through the side. :stuck_out_tongue:

28 on my second try.

30 on third try.

I managed to get 50, on my very first try. This is really fun, I just wish they had different courses to play, 'cause once you know the tricks, they are all rather easy.

89 first try. Yeah I know I suck. Golf is for old men anyway :hahaha; .

27 on third try. Don’t ask me how- it was lucky.