One for the Nerd Hall of Fame

The ultimate expression of love. :kissy:

That is uber nerdy.

That wins nerd awards but looks like a buttload of work.

Yeah really. Cool though, if she enjoyed it then it was worth it,

“Mommy, how did daddy propose to you?”
“Oh, well he hacked a video game and added text so the characters in it talked about our history. All very romantic.”
“Daddy’s a nerd.”

Goddamn that’s awesomely nerdy.

Who says romance is dead? :victoly:

I agree. That’s an excellent display of love and devotion. Great game, too!

Not including the ending sequence or at least the music does feel like a missed opportunity. That said though.

Most Impressive.

:eek:me?:scream:nerd :biggrin:yay

At least he chose the right game. :stuck_out_tongue:

If he was really nerdy, he would have put a yes/no option at the end. Still, so awesome.

Very impressive! Bet that took an insane amount of work though. Pretty cool nonetheless.

It’s less work than you think. There are full-featured CT editors out there that don’t require actual hacking knowledge, IIRC.

Not as much work as Ian here put into his. Scroll down a bit 'till you see the pic.

“My proposal was better than yours!”
“Nuh-uh. I totally spent more time on mine than you!”


Haha had the option been there how much would that have sucked if she just picked no and went on with the game like nothing happened

“Will you marry me? Yes or no?”
“But thou must!”


Very impressive. If I was that nerdy I would do something like that a well. Alas, I don’t have the “hacking” skill nor the significant other that plays video games.

this is where you rape her