One Controller to beat them all.

One controller, two games, 48 minutes of holy shit.

Ah yes, this. I suppose I should point out that this movie was created using a re-recording SNES emulator with savestates and slowdown. Two instances of SNES9x were opened at once, one with MMX, the other with MMX2, both wired into the same controles, and one recording the movie. Quite a feat, took forever for the author to make too.

Note that I’m not against these emulated movies (hell, I made one myself), I just think I should point out whenever people start showing them to others to make sure that no one thinks this was done in real time. No one wants a repeat of when someone submitted a 100% emulated speed run of Super Metroid to SDA, claiming it was legit. That did all kinds of hurt for the emulated speedrun community.

I gotta say that’s impressive. Looking at this has made me realize that X5 recycled lot of tracks and that the types of levels are highly repetitive throughout the series.

Man, welcome to last July. <<

Even as far as tool-assisted speedruns go, this is pretty effing impressive.

Yeah, I know what tool assisted means. I still enjoy them thoroughly.

Man, welcome to jerks.txt on my desktop >:(

I’m really surprised you people don’t already know about these things.

X5 recycled quite a few…one or two from each of the first two X games, and one of them from the original Megaman. But, as for the levels being recycled, that’s just cos X5 sucked. :stuck_out_tongue:

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