Once Upon a Time in Mexico

I went into the movie with little expectations (other than seeing Johnny Depp ^^), and I came out feeling generally pleased. Pretty obviously the focus was action and blowing lots of bad guys away, but Johnny Depp gave it his quirky charm, and it actually had alot of funny moments, satirizing itself in a way. Some of the smallest parts gave it the most charm… Mostly because they (primarily the chicklets boy, the dog, and the president) kind of set it apart from the cliched, predictable action movie plots. Anyway, it was fun. :slight_smile:

you know I heard about that at school just today. They told how she had went to see it and didn’t like it ^_^;;
I haven’t seen it yet though.

I got done seeing this today, and I must tell you this movie is very good. Go see it now, or else I will get out my guitar case…full of weapons! :smiley:

I haven’t seen Desperado, but I did see El Mariachi (good flick, but no Banderas.) I’d definately like to see this one. ^^ points to Merl’s avvie

i thought it looked pretty shitty even with johnny depp, but i might see it if im convinced otherwise.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ll get around to it sometime.

Actually, I didn’t know there was a series, so when I saw a review for the movie with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, I thought to myself, “What is this, another Desperado movie? That’s so funny that they’re in the same sort of movie together again. lololzzzlololll”

It looks good to me, but I’m an action movie junkie, so it doesn’t matter.

I didn’t know it was a series either… I didn’t even notice any connection to Desperado (I’ve heard of it, not seen it) until my friend said something like “oh it’s the sequel to that, isn’t it?” And I was like “really? <.<;” It’s not like you had to have seen Desperado to enjoy it, since everything you need to know about El Mariachi is explained in flashbacks. Anyway, it sort of reminded me of a Quentin Tarentino flick… darkly humorous and including lots of blowing people away. Which reminds me, I saw the trailer for Kill Bill… with no sound. We were trying to figure out if it was supposed to be that way, considering the whole thing (and it was pretty long) was silent and then boom the sound was perfect for the start of the next trailer. Anyway, Kill Bill looks… uh… weird, to say the least. But I like weird, so maybe I’ll go see it.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico looks absolutely ungodly. My friend and I plan on seeing it and Underworld on the same day next weekend.

Desperado was the shit bomb diggity.

I’m planning on seeing it next weekend, because it looks a lot better than some of the other movies that have come out.

I saw it on Friday, and now I want to go see the prequels. 'nuff said.

“El” truly is the greatest gunfighter since Vash the Stampede.

I’ve heard it’s the movie after “Desperado”, so I’m seeing it just for the gunfights.

I wish my saxophone case doubled as a bazooka…

I wanted to see that. But being as as touchy as my girlfriend is about what movies we see I caved :thud:

But IMO, Once Upon A Tiem In Mexico reminds me a lot of Pirates of the Carribean. Maybe thats just cuz Johnny Depp is in both?::doh::

Desperado was very cool, if Once Upon a Time in Mexico turns out at least half as cool as Desperado I’ll be happy