On this nice day of May the 28th...

Please be careful for Ninja attacks.

Thanks for the advice. I’ ll watch out…lol.

That’s a crock. Everyone knows that this guy was just speeding through a designated and marked Ninja crossing area.

If he’s speeding, maybe the ninjas will simply bounce off the car? That is, if it’s actually possible to move fast enough to outspeed a ninja.

Yes, but Ninjas are Japan’s national bird, and we all know about birds and glass barriers.

The flightless ones get run over by trucks a lot too. We don’t see much of them, though, as their fellows soon start using their corpses as shurikens.

Man, I should do that with some friends.

That is, dress up as ninjas, and assault passers-by.

It’s proven: in Japan it rains ninjas instead of dogs and cats!

Zero, you forget one thing. If a ninja decides to attack you, you’re fucked. Doesn’t matter if you watch out for them or not. YOU WILL DIE.