Yup, the annoying little brat (=me :P) is back :smiley: And I am somewhat glad. That was quite a chaotic trip, and that’s exactely why I’m gonna post my journal later. :smiley: But right now I’m too lazy or just too tired to do so, and in jetlag too…so, later. yawns and walks off

I love you!

Aww, how sweet.:kissy:

Glad to have you back!

liek, d00d r0x0rz

Glad to have you back, DT. And not just because you always have the SEXIEST postings of us all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back, DT.

Welcome back! :smiley:

So your back! How was where ever you were before?

^.^ and all with the world is right again :slight_smile:

For some reason, I get wierded out by seeing Sorcerer posting ^.^ in his post, but that’s just me.

And welcome back, DT, possibly the most beloved female of all on RPGC!

Good to have you back, DT.

I’d have to say that I was a bit intoxicated when I posted that, be assured you’ll never see me post ^.^ ever again.

That is all, and yes, the world is once again turning.

Hey, welcome back.

Dwaaahh…DT’s avvie r teh uber-secksay…

Heya hon! WB! hugs DT lots and lots and lots

does the welcome back dance

Originally posted by Sorcerer
^.^ and all with the world is right again :slight_smile:
DT’s on the boards, all’s right with the world? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Losta people like DT! laughs

May I be the 438th person to say “welcome back” :

Welcome Back.

And I await with baited breath your journal posting…seems like you had a very interesting time…

/me super happy fun flying tackle hugs DT.