Don’t get strung out by the way they look. Don’t judge a book by its cover. They may not be much of a man by the light of day, but I bet each one is a hell of a lover.

Another female bastion captured!

They’re not cross dressers, they’re trannies! I was laughing so hard when I saw this, they look better than a lot of real girls I know.

They try a lot harder.


Sweet ones. From Transylvanee-uh-ha-hah.

So come up to the lab. And see what’s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici… pation! But maybe the rain isn’t really to blame, so I’ll remove the cause, but not the symptom.

Mmm. Traps.

That is impressive.

Jeez, they actually look really nice, the only transgender person I’m ever met honestly looked like a guy with boobs. >_o

I know I’d be fooled except for one of them.


Why not? :smiley: