omg ^________^^


wtf, I just got a funny fat cat, I didn’t get a cute one.


Sorry, I made this topic while on the phone, with one hand.

Once you rate a kitten, it automatically sends you to another kitten, and so on. There’s like 100,000 kitten photos, all to be rated.

Those are the kind of cute that have stopped wars…! SO ADORABLE! SNUGGLE KITTENS


I bet I know what you were doing with that other hand!

Are you stupid or something? I said I was on the phone. You know, phones require hands.

Teehee! :slight_smile:

Yeah we all know your hand were busy thanks to the pussy. Either way, while its retarded to rail on someone who might’ve been on the phone, it is also retarded to use the phone as an excuse for carelessness.

Wow. A cat. Ooooh. Ahhh.

You faggots.

deep gruff voice Awww, the kitty is so cuuuute!

Stop posting, setz.

Hey you got something against Setz? If you got something against Setz, you got something against me. And Sinistral too. We’re a big family, and if you wanna take one of us on, you gotta take all of us on.

And BigNutter.

I find it really hard picturing Sinistral tagging along the other three. He’d have to take a lot of brain damage before it could come true.

Damnit Lanyx, if you have an interent alliance with anyone, it is 'sycho and I.

Aww, come on. That IS darn cute :3

Bah! They aren’t cute at all.
This is cute!

No, these are the cutest kitties.

The smiling cat scares me

No this is cute!