Ok…that was on the Yahoo front page as an important news item. Yahoo officially hurts the stupid area of my brain. Why the HELL does something this pointlessly trivial get any attention at all? It’s a fucking dog! A Canadian could cure cancer and they’d still pay more attention to shit like this.

The news always does stories on the president’s dog, whether it was nixon’s dog checkers, or well, thats all i can remember.

There’s a webpage on the website that covers the first dog’s daily activities.

lets see…dog peed on roosevelts sofa, dog chewed up 1876 centenial rug, dog peed on SS Agent #305s leg

well i know im proud to be an american

At least your Presidential Dog is entertaining, one of our presidents kept a diary on the growth of his myriad Bonsai trees.

They actually named his dog Spot?

If are not proud to be an American you are a terrorist!

Well, I guess that makes me a Terrorist, then.

Bah, I’ve actually wanted to send a letter to Socks the cat after I learned about Bill Clinton having a cat who got letters and had a secretary who’d reply to those letters :slight_smile:

… That was many years ago.

I called Jon Ashcroft, he said if you don’t say something nice about Spot, he’s going to come over and kick your ass for being a terrorist.

So, what ministry does it get?

Dubya must’ve decided he’d need to get a dog if he wanted to be President.

That’s priceless!

As well as moronic, because taking care of those trees seems to be the only thing he ever did correctly.

What can Jon Ashcroft even do? He lost the 2000 gubernatorial election in Missourah
to a freaking dead guy.

At least there’s some intelligence in the white house now…

Nah. Instinct. You mean “At least there’s some instinct in the white house now…”