omg what do i do??

Holy shit. I don’t know what to do right now in my current predicament.

My sister and her boyfriend broke up a while ago, and he left his Nintendo DS here. Ever since then, his mom has been trying to get it from us. She phones this morning, saying she’ll be here in 40 minutes to pick it up, so I’m like, okay. Little did I realize that my sister has it with her, and went out; probably won’t be back for like 3 hours. No one else is home but me. I get this person knocking at my door, and I’m just keeping to myself. I would answer the door, and tell her that we don’t have it right now; but she lives like a 2 hour drive away. She’ll probably get all angry and shit. I can’t get a hold of anyone of my family for assistance.

What should I do?

Umm… Tell the truth?

And also check PMs.

Tell your sister not to date.

that too.

Also… What guy would leave his games and shit with some girl??

He left it here for my sister to borrow, then after he left, they broke up over the phone or someshit.

well if she’s “borrowing” it… It’s her responsibility to get it back, not yours.

  1. Nobody cares
  2. Why do you need to ask a question over something so trivial on a message board? Thats just sad, yo.

Okay, but still, she’s phoning and knocking without stop. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Oh, and Jenna,

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Steve is not on mIRC.

Answer the damn door and tell her that your sis out and that she can wait for her to get back if she wants. Jesus Christ -_-

a PM would have been more appropriate.

Do I want her just sitting with me for 3 hours?

Edit; Stfu Jenna, I could have easily declined your favor.

Better than having her pound on the door for 3 hours.

I wasn’t being mean. I was just saying :-/.

this thread is good

Your face is good.

Setz, we banned you in part because you wouldn’t fucking shut up about this kind of thing. We will do so again and we will do so for a longer duration if you keep it up.

To answer your question, say the truth. Lying about it will only lead to the creation of more lies and more problems. The mother’s going to have a fit no matter what happens. This isn’t your problem. This is your sister’s problems.

Psh! Way to be original.

Strike 1: He lent his DS to his girlfriend and broke up with her before getting it back.

Strike 2: He sent his Mom to go get it back for him.

Strike 3: He bought a DS in the first place.

Actually, my sister broke up with him.

Question answered, flaming imminent.

Thank you TD.