omgomg its amazing.

We can’t be talking about hat same flash movie here.

I’ve seen better tributes in the DBZ section.


Are you kidding?

what was that!!!

Crap, that’s what it was.

Not best.

No, I’m not kidding, Dev. Is there some deep commentary on the Human Condition embedded somewhere between the pixels of this tepid photoplay that I’m missing?

It was deemed turd of the week.

Um. Were you high when you posted this or something?

KIll Billy
Arfenhouse 2
RockMan Neo

These are the best Flash videos ever. That one if not among them.

It should be. >:0

…you jerk, you just posted the turd of the month from the newgrounds flash portal…

I loved the dialogue.

So? So its the turd of the month. Those guys are just biased. It’s still good.

That was horrible.

That sucked. That really sucked.

Just once, I’d like to see a thread that DOESN’T involve flaming almost from the first post. However, that was so godawful that I stopped watching it roughly six seconds into it, so I partly agree with the flames.

Nothing annoys me more than shitty NG Flash things…

Uh music was interesting but thats the only good thing about it. I feel stupider then a minute ago.

There is a difference between flaming and telling the truth. The flash sucked. That is a fact. =p