A little something I found that the Diablo 2 fans might enjoy.

That’s great

Hahahaha, that’s fucking awesome. It reminds me of the better days of Diablo 2, where I didn’t have any idea what I was doing and I made shitty characters, but it was FUN.

“keke yuo giev SOJ???”.


As a person who used to play D2 all the time, that made me laugh.

Couldn’t have said that better myself

That’s pretty funny.

I used to play D2, but not with idiots. What does SOJ stand for?

That is pretty funny. :smiley:

Stone of Jordan. It was the uber ring of it’s time. +1 to all skills and I think it gave some resists. It was the most duped item in the game.

Heh, I don’t play and it’s funny.

The awesome part of the ring was the +20% to max mana. It might have been 25%, not sure.

yup, Blizzard actually made use of this… for every 100 or so SOJ’s sold to merchants on one server a Diablo Clone appears somewhere on the server in a Hell-difficulty game… He’s insanely strong and drops a very very very rare item when killed… I’ve never encountered iy myself but’I’ve heard stories… he’s lvl 110, he’s unbeatable blah blah blah.

The SoJ was pretty much the basis for the D2 economy since gold was so terribly worthless.

lol!! i giev SOJ!!1
I use to have 5-6 characters full of SOJs in their stash~

keke yuo giev SOJ???

Why I never talked to people when I played.

Heh that nice. Uber Diablo

HAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!! ah i remember the good 'ol SOJ days in Diablo 2. I wonder what it’s like online now.

Funny. I never found very many SOJs.

Do you have any idea what that item would be?? Is it the Heart (Eye) of Diablo… I’ve had a couple before actually…

Ninten :cool: