>_< CUTE!

Sweet god in heaven how come they are so cute?!?!

Click the tab that says “EGG SONG” up in the top right corner and be prepaired for a cute-fest!

Somebody set up us the egg?


stab in face

No offense, I just have that reaction to the words “Kawaii”, and “Nani”. Not so much the use of them, but the OVER use of them, I’ve been to too many anime cons and ended up wanting to kill lots… and lots… AND F**KING LOTS of fan-boys/girls.

Back on topic, YES! Eggs RULE.

EGGS > Crabs

I get no sound on that.

The best eggs are Weebl and Bob!

Weebl and Bob rule! PIE!


Either that shark in the underwater one loves other sharks who smell like eggs or he just goes for sharks much smaller than him. That one’s my favorite by far!

Once today was enough!

Oddly enough, I just don’t find eggs all that cute. Not even those ones, but they are closest to actually being cute, I’ve ever seen.